This chapter provides you with a listing of available BASIC+ commands, appropriate syntax, their parameters, and code samples. In this chapter, command types include functions, subroutines, statements, operators, and routines.

Commands in this chapter are organized in alphabetical order, and may be pertinent to programming for Lotus Notes, OpenInsight, or both. Commands specific to programming in Lotus Notes or OpenInsight (native) tables are labeled with an icon to make identification easier. Those which are available in both situations are not labeled.

The next section, "Using the Command Reference," provides an overview of the information available for each command, and a key to the symbols used in this chapter.

For information about OpenInsight properties and events, refer to Chapter 4: Properties and Chapter 5: Events, respectively.


BASIC+ Command Reference

ABORT ALL StatementThe ABORT ALL statement forces the cessation of all engine processing. It guarantees that all processing that is in progress will terminate.
Abs functionThe Abs function returns the absolute value of the expression. The absolute value of a real number is its distance from 0 (zero) without regard to direction from zero. Use the Abs function to convert a negative number to a positive number.
Activate_Save_Select subroutineThe Activate_Save_Select subroutine loads a saved list of keys into cursor 0.
Alias_Table subroutineCreates a temporary synonym (an alias) for an existing table. The permanent database definition is not altered.
Alpha functionThe Alpha function returns true (1) if the expression contains non-numeric characters (including punctuation). If the expression contains a numeric value, false (0) is returned.
And and Or logical operators 
ANSI_UNICODE FunctionConverts an ANSI string to Unicode string.
ANSI_UTF8 functionConverts a variable containing ANSI characters to a variable containing the corresponding UTF_8 characters.
AppNote subroutineUsed to display QuickHelp built using the QuickHelp Designer in the User Interface Workspace. AppNotes are typically used from event handlers.
Assigned functionTests if a variable has been assigned. Returns the opposite values from unassigned().
ATan functionGenerates the trigonometric arc tangent of an angle.
Attach_Table subroutineTemporarily includes a table in the database definition. To make this permanent, run Define_Database, or use the Database Manager.
BCol1 functionThe BCol1 function is the binary version of Col1(). It will return the numeric value of the character position of the delimiter preceding the extracted data.
BCol2 functionThe BCol2 function is the binary version of Col2(). It will return the numeric value of the character position of the delimiter following the extracted data.
Bit-wise operators (BitAnd, BitOr, BitXor, BitNot)Perform bit-wise And, Or, and Xor logical functions on two numbers. BitNot yields the logical Not of a number.
Blank_Struct functionBuilds a blank structure to pass to a DLL which will then fill in the structure's elements.
BRemove statementExtracts substrings, including fields, values, and subvalues, from dynamic binary arrays, using ANSI characters 249 through 255 as delimiters.
Btree Indexes 
Btree.Extract subroutineSearches one or more Btree indexes for data matching the search criteria passed in. Returns the keys to rows having matching data.
Btree.Read subroutineBtree.Read reads a node of an indexed file (a ! or bang file) into a dimensioned array.
Build_Struct functionAssembles a binary structure out of BASIC+ variables.
Calculate functionReturns the result of evaluating a dictionary item.
Call statementExecutes an external subroutine.
CallFunction FunctionExecute an OpenInsight stored procedure function remotely.
CallSubroutine FunctionExecute an OpenInsight stored procedure subroutine remotely.
Case statementProvides a framework for conditional branching. Evaluates one or more test expressions, then executes the relevant code at the corresponding internal subroutine label. A Case statement must be introduced with Begin Case and terminated with End Case.
Change_Popup_Font subroutineUtility subroutine that will change the font of the text within all popups.
Change_Window_Font subroutineUtility subroutine that will change the font of text within a window.
Char functionConverts the numeric value of an expression to its corresponding ASCII character string value.
CheckLegalUser functionChecks if the passed user/password combination is legal for the current application and, if so, returns the user level
Clear_Table subroutineClears the data or dictionary information from a table without deleting the table. This subroutine does not allow you to clear system tables.
ClearFile statementDeletes all rows from a table, but retains the table structure.
ClearSelect statementSets the list of record keys for a specified cursor to null.
CloseEngine FunctionCloses an OpenEngine handle referenced by CreateEngine().
CloseQueue FunctionClose a queue handle created by an earlier call to the CreateQueue() function.
Col1 functionThe Col1 function is set by the Field and [ ] functions, and returns the value of the character position of the delimiter preceding the data extracted.
Col2 functionThe Col2 function is set by the Field and [ ] functions, and returns the numeric value of the character position of the delimiter following the extracted data.
ColHeading statementSpecifies the heading or headings that will appear above each column on a report generated with the text output commands.
Collect.IXVals functionReturns the list of index values for the specified indexed field in the specified file.
ColLength statementSpecifies the width for each column heading in a printed report.
Common statementGlobal variables, other than pre-defined system variables, are implemented using labeled common blocks. A labeled common block groups a set of global variables using a specified name.
CompDoc functionThe CompDoc function is used to store multiple discrete records within a single record.
Compute_Dict functionReturns the result of a dictionary calculation. This is a shell around the Calculate() function. It opens a dictionary to @DICT, sets @ID, reads @RECORD, and calls Calculate.
ContextMenu functionThe ContextMenu function creates and executes Context Menus. A Context Menu is a right mouse click menu specific to a control.
Control_Off routineRemoves transaction and domain validation controls from Native Tables.
Control_On routineInstalls transaction and domain validation controls for a table.
Convert statementConverts one set of characters in a string to another set.
Copy_OS_To_Row routineCopies one or more operating system files to a native table.
Copy_Row subroutineCopies a row or a group of rows from one table to another.
Copy_Row_To_OS subroutineCopies one or more native table rows to operating system files.
Copy_Table subroutineCopies a native table, the dictionary for the table, and indexing information if it exists, to a new name or location. The source and target table must be the same filing system type.
CopyOSFile functionCopies an operating system file to another operating system file.
Cos functionCalculates the trigonometric cosine of an angle.
Count functionCounts the number of occurrences of a substring in a string.
Create_Dialog functionStarts a new window (specified in dialogID) which becomes an owned window of the owner window (specified in parentID).
Create_Index subroutineCreates a Btree, Cross Reference, or Relational index for a specified column in a table. The type of index you create dictates the calling syntax.
Create_Symbolic routineCreates or redefines calculated (symbolic) columns in a native table dictionary.
Create_Table subroutineCreates native tables and their dictionaries.
Create_User subroutineCreates a new user or modifies information about an existing user in the current database.
Create_Volume subroutineCreates or updates a volume definition, adding a row to SYSPTRS (the system table that stores volume definitions), or modifying the row if it exists.
Create_XML_XSD_Schema functionCreates an XML Schema definition document (.XSD file) from fields in an OpenInsight table.
Cross Reference IndexesParameters in the following table are specific to Cross Reference indexes.
CreateBinaryData Function 
CreateEngine Constants 
CreateEngine FunctionCreates a reference to an OpenEngine, running either locally or remotely.
CreateQueue FunctionCreates a reference to a queue on an open engine created by the CreateEngine function.
CreateRequest Function 
Date functionReturns the current date in internal format.
DCount functionCounts the number of occurrences of a substring in a string, returning 1 if the there are no occurrences of the substring in the string.
Debug statementUse in source code to activate the debugger at a particular point.
DEBUGGER_FETCH FunctionThis function provides methods for accessing variable data within a Debugger Intercept routine.
Debugger_Replacement FunctionThe Debugger_Replacement function is used to intercept calls to debugger tool within OpenInsight.
Declare_FCNS routineCompiles a .DLL definition record into BASIC+ callable functions.
Declare statementInforms the compiler of external functions and subroutines.
Define_Database subroutineDefines a database, using all currently attached tables.
Define_Struct routineStarts the Structure Designer tool, from the System Monitor or Editor++.
Delay subroutinePauses program execution for specified number of seconds.
Delete functionUse to delete elements from a dynamic array. Data can be deleted from field, value, and subvalue positions.
Delete statementDeletes a row from a table.
Delete_Index subroutineRemoves a Btree, Cross Reference, or Relational index from a specified column in a table.
Delete_Row routineDeletes one or more specified rows from a table.
Delete_Save_Select subroutineThe Delete_Save_Select subroutine erases a saved list of keys.
Delete_Table subroutineDeletes native tables and their dictionaries.
Delete_User subroutineRemoves a user from the current database.
Detach_Table subroutineTemporarily prevents access to a single table or list of tables by removing them from the current database. The permanent database definition is not altered.
Detach_Volume subroutineTemporarily excludes a volume from access by OpenInsight. To make this permanent, run Define_Database, or use Database Manager.
Dialog_Box functionThis function is used to create a modal dialog box. It processes an event loop, as long as the dialog box exists, then returns any result to the calling procedure.
Dict_Depend functionReturns the column positions in a row that are required to perform a dictionary calculation.
Dimension statementDeclares the name of a matrix, and allocates storage for it. A matrix must be dimensioned before it can be referenced in a program.
Direct_Print FunctionThe Direct_Print function provides a method to print data directly to a printer. This function bypasses the use of print drivers enabling the use of escape codes to be sent directly to the printer.
Dir functionReturns directory information (size, date, and time) for an operating system file.
DirExists FunctionUsed to determine whether a specific directory exists within the operating system.
DirList functionReturns a list of filenames from a directory and mask specified in a previous InitDir statement. The mask is used to create a selection of file names, using the standard DOS wildcards "*" and "?".
DOSTIME subroutineReturns the number of seconds between midnight and the system time, as of the time the DOSTIME subroutine was called.
Drive functionReturns the current operating system path from which OpenInsight is running.
DSGetProperty functionGets the specified DataSet Object property; the DataSet Object is specified by the passed handle.
DSInstance functionCreates an instance of the DataSet specified by DSName using the specified Connection Object (created by XOInstance()).
DSMethod functionExecutes a DataSet Object method; the DataSet Object is specified by the handle passed.
DSpace subroutineReturns the amount of total space and available space (in bytes), for a particular drive.
DSSetProperty functionSets a DataSet Object property; the DataSet Object is specified by the passed handle.
EditFind functionSearches edit controls, including edit tables, for user-specified text.
End_Dialog subroutineUse to close a dialog box created by Dialog_Box or Create_Dialog.
End_Window functionStops execution of a running window, optionally changing focus to another window or control.
End statementIdentifies the end of a block of statements, or the physical end of a program.
Equate statementUse to initialize a constant to an expression.
ETMethod functionETMethod provides services that are analogous to the Set_Property (properties ROWDATA, COLDATA, LIST, SORTEDCOL) and Send_Message (messages INSERT, DELETE) functionality with the important difference that those services first attempt to modify bound DataSets.
Exp functionExponential function that calculates the result of base e raised to the power designated by expression.
Extract functionExtracts a field, value, or subvalue from a dynamic array.
Extract_SI_Keys subroutineSearches a Btree index for a specified value and returns a list of keys based on the search value.
Extract_XML_Schema_Name functionExtracts the name of an XML schema file, when passed the XML file.
Field functionReturns a substring from a string expression. The substring is specified by a delimiter character and which instance of the delimiter character is to be calculated.
FieldCount functionSame functionality as DCount() function.
FieldStore functionUse to replace, delete, or insert substrings in a string.
Fix_LH subroutineCompresses overflow in a table; fixes Group Format Errors (GFEs); increments, decrements, resizes the sizelock for a table; defines a new threshold for a linear hash (OpenInsight) table.
Flush statementFlushes the native tables cache. Use Flush with the GarbageCollect statement.
Fmt functionFormats data in a specified pattern. The pattern can include field width, background fill characters, line justification, conversion specifications, and masking.
Footing statementDefines a page footer to be printed at the bottom of the page in conjunction with the Print statement. The footer text is printed after the maximum page height lines have been printed, and on Printer Off statement.
For...Next statementsSpecifies the beginning and ending points of a For...Next loop.
Format functionApplies a specified format to data.
Forward_Event subroutinePasses the control to the next event in the event chain.
FreeCommon statementClears the shared area of memory established by Common. The specified common block must exist when FreeCommon is called.
FSMSG subroutineDisplays an error message, typically after an OpenInsight I/O command such as Open, Read, or Write failed.
FTPDELDIR FunctionDeletes a directory on an FTP server.
FTPDELFILE FunctionDeletes a file on an FTP server.
FTPGETFILE FunctionRetrieves a file from an FTP server.
FTPLIST FunctionRetrieve a list of files from an FTP server.
FTPMKDIR FunctionCreates a directory on an FTP server.
FTPRENAMEFILE FunctionRenames a file from an FTP server.
FTPSEND FunctionSends a file to an FTP server.
Function functionSimilar to the "call @" syntax for subroutines, the Function syntax allows a function to be called whose name is indeterminate at compile time.
Function statementIdentifies a program to the compiler as a function.
GarbageCollect statementRecovers all unused or abandoned string space, from memory.
GetBinaryValue FunctionReturns the value of a variable at a given offset.
GetByteSize FunctionReturns the size in bytes of a given variable.
GetCurrentDir subroutineReturns the current directory (the directory from which the application is running).
Get.RecCount functionReturns the number of rows in a native table.
Get_App_Info functionRetrieves information about the application parameter passed to the function. The information is stored in the SYSAPPS table.
GET_CURRENT_EVENT FunctionRetrieves the current event.
Get_DB_Users functionReturns an @fm delimited list of users in the specified application.
Get_Contract functionRetrieves contract block information for a specified stored procedure.
Get_Dialog_Info functionRetrieves the information associated with a dialog box
Get_Dialog_Params functionReturns a block of parameters associated with this dialog box.
Get_Env routineReturns an attribute or list of attributes from the database environment for the current database.
Get_EventStatus functionRetrieves the status of a forwarded event in an @FM-delimited array containing error codes.
Get_Language FunctionRetrieves the currently active language used by OpenInsight.
Get_LH_Info FunctionRetrieves Linear Hash Information for a specific LH table.
Get_Printer functionThe Get_Printer function returns a printer property, based on the parameter passed to it.
Get_Property functionReturns the current value of the specified property of a control.
Get_Repos_Entities functionReturns a list of all entities classified under the specified application, type, and class.
Get_SI_Values routineReturns all indexed values from the index for a column.
Get.Sort.File functionReturns a unique operating system filename, constructed using the workstation ID and a unique number.
Get_Status functionReturns error status information from a stored procedure. Use after calling any system stored procedure (SSP).
Get_Sysinfo routineRetrieves critical system information, such as the OpenInsight serial number, the station ID, and the maximum number of users, from Open Engine.
Get_XML_Value functionExtracts tag values from records that have raw XML data stored in them.
GetANSIToUnicode functionConverts the ANSI numeric value to a Unicode numeric value using the current ANSI to Unicode map in effect.
GetDefaultCharacter functionGets the default character value used when a Unicode character does not map to an ANSI character.
GetEntity functionDisplays the OpenInsight common dialog as used by the User Interface and Client/Server Workspaces.
GetLanguageName functionReturns a character string (normally 3 letters) corresponding to the current Operating System regional settings. This string is the same as the extension on the language-specific resource files.
GETMAIL functionSocket function used to retrieve mail from a POP3 server.
GetMenu functionReturn's the handle of a window's menu, if any. OpenInsight does not return the HANDLE property for a menu entity. Use GetMenu() instead.
GetMinimumDelimiter functionGets the minimum system delimiter value used in converting ANSI characters to and from both Unicode and UTF-8 characters.
GetNetworkType subroutineReturns the current network driver type of the OpenInsight System.
GetNoOfDelimiters FunctionThis function returns the number of characters to be used as System delimiters.
GetPointer functionReturns a pointer to the contents of a BASIC+ variable (cannot be expression).
GetSessionCallStack FunctionWhenever a run-time error occurs, the call stack is recorded for that session. The GetSessionCallStack function will return the last recorded call stack for that session.
GetUnicodeToANSI functionConverts the Unicode numeric value to an ANSI numeric value using the current ANSI to Unicode map in effect.
GetValue functionDe-references a pointer, and copies the data to a BASIC+ variable.
GETWEBPAGE functionSocket function used to retrieve the contents of a webpage.
GoSub statementProvides the means for internal branching.
GoTo statementBranches unconditionally to any label within the BASIC+ program.
Heading statementDefines a page heading to be printed at the top of the page in conjunction with the Print statement.
IConv functionConverts data into the native internal OpenInsight format.
IConv Boolean (B) functionConverts characters or words into internal values of true (1) or false (0).
IConv Date (D) functionConverts a date string into its internal system format.
IConv DateTime (DT) functionConverts a date and time string into its internal system format.
IConv ENCRYPT_FORMAT functionConverts data strings into encrypted internal values.
IConv Masked Decimal (MC, MD) functionConverts decimal numbers into integers (internal system format).
IConv Masked Scientific (MS) functionConverts scientific notation into internal system format.
IConv MX, HEX, MO, MB functionConverts hexadecimal, octal, or binary formatted data into internal system format (decimal numbers). The value to convert can be as great as that represented with 32 bits.
IConv Time (MT) functionConverts times in external formats into internal system format. Internal system time is calculated as the number of seconds past midnight. A 24-hour day has 86,400 seconds.
IConv Variable Binary (VB) functionAllows the storage of binary data that might otherwise contain system delimiters.
Index functionExamines a string for the occurrence of a specified substring. Returns the starting position of the designated substring in the string.
If...Then statements 
Indexc functionCase-insensitive version of the Index() function. Examines a string for the occurrence of a specified substring.
Index.Open subroutineThe Index.Open subroutine is an alternative to the Open statement to open an OpenInsight table. In spite of its name, Index.Open can open any OpenInsight table.
IndexLookup functionThe IndexLookup function is used by the "Index lookup" QuickEvent.
Inet_Aborted functionCalled when an INET procedure has crashed and the Internet Gateway recovers.
Inet_Finalize functionFinalization of a response to a request.
Inet_FormLoad functionInternet procedure that retrieves an HTML form from the repository and fills it in with default form values.
Inet_FormRead functionInternet procedure that reads a row from native OpenInsight table(s) and merges the retrieved data with an HTML form.
Inet_FormWrite functionInternet procedure that retrieves data from an HTTP request and writes a row to native OpenInsight table(s).
Inet_Msg functionConverts a message from Msg() to HTML format.
Inet_OI_XML functionExports XML data from an OpenInsight table.
Inet_QueryParam functionAllows you to get or set a specified item in an HTTP-request.
Inet_Repos functionRetrieves an HTML document from the repository.
Inet_Rlist functionInternet procedure that produces a List+ report in HTML format. The Report Builder tool (ORMAIN) is used to produce an HTML report.
Inet_Security functionThe function that is called by OECGI.EXE before it calls any Internet procedure specified in the HTTP-request.
Inet_Test_Connect functionInternet procedure, executed from a Web browser, that tests whether OECGI/OECGI2 is running on a Web server.
Inet_Trace functionInternet procedure, executed from a Web browser, that tests whether OECGI.EXE is running on the Web server.
InitDir statementPrepares for the DirList function, by establishing the default directory and file mask.
InitRnd statementInitializes the random number generator, for use with the Rnd function.
InList functionDetermines whether a specified value exists in a delimited list.
InMat functionReturns the number of elements read into a dimensioned array after a MatRead statement has successfully executed.
Insert functionInsert a field, value, or subvalue into a dynamic array.
Int functionReturns an integer numeric value, when calculating an expression.
IsEventContext functionReturns true if the code is executing in an event context.
IsUnicode functionReturns whether or not the Win32 Unicode APIs are being called.
IsUTF8 functionReturns whether or not the string data is interpreted as UTF-8 or ANSI characters.
IsValidUser FunctionDetermines whether the user is a valid user for the database.
LCASE FunctionConverts the input parameter's contents from upper/mixed case to lower case.
Len functionReturns the number of characters in the specified string.
List_Dict routineReturns the column definitions for a specified dictionary.
List_Index routineReturns information about indexes for a specified table or for all tables.
List_Index_Detailed routineReturns detailed information about indexes for a specified table or for all tables.
List_Keys routineReturns a list of keys from a currently attached table.
List_Tables routineReturns the attached tables in the current database.
List_Users routineReturns information about the users in a specified database.
List_Volume routineReturns information about the tables in a specified volume.
List_Volume_Sub functionReturns information about the tables in a specified volume.
ListBasic routineOutputs a formatted listing of a BASIC+ program, either to the printer directly, or in Print Preview mode.
Ln functionReturns the natural (base e) logarithm of an expression.
Locate statementFinds the position of a substring in a string, where the substring can be delimited by any ANSI character.
Locate...By statementUse this version of Locate when you are dealing with sorted data.
Lock routineProvides a method for coordinating access to tables, rows, or columns by setting locks
Lock statementSets locks to coordinate access to files and records on a network system.
LockVariable statementLocks a BASIC+ variable, so that its data does not move in memory. Used in conjunction with GetPointer.
Loop statementMarks the beginning of a group of statements, where the group is to be executed repeatedly, until the test expression is satisfied.
Make.List subroutineThe Make.List subroutine creates an active select list of keys from the passed list of keys.
MAPIAddress functionDisplays a standard address list dialog box allowing users to create or modify a set of To:, CC: and BCC: recipients.
MAPIDeleteMail functionDeletes messages from MAPI message storage.
MAPIDetails functionDisplays a standard dialog box containing the details of a given address list entry which may or may not be modified.
MAPILogoff functionEnds a session with the MAPI messaging system.
MAPILogon functionBegins a session with the MAPI messaging system.
MAPIOpenMail functionReturns the ids of MAPI messages of a given type.
MAPIReadMail functionReads a MAPI message given its id.
MAPISaveMail functionUpdates or creates a MAPI message.
MAPISendDocuments functionDisplays a standard send message dialog box containing the given files as attachments.
MAPISendMail functionSends a MAPI message.
Mat statementAssigns a value to each element in a matrix. All elements can be assigned the same value. Or, values can be set equal to the corresponding values in a second matrix.
Matches operatorCompares a string value to a pre-defined pattern. Evaluates to 1 (true) or 0 (false).
MatParse statementAssigns the value of each successive field of a dynamic array to successive elements in a matrix.
MatRead statementReads a dynamic array row into a matrix, assigning each field to consecutive elements in the matrix.
MatUnparse functionAssigns the value of each successive element in a matrix to successive elements in a dynamic array.
MatWrite statementWrites the values of a matrix into a record.
Max functionReturns the maximum value of two passed arguments.
MAX_OI_USERS FunctionThis function will return the number of maximum users for a running copy of OpenInsight.
Message_Box functionDisplays a Windows message in event context
MFS SubroutineAll MFSes should be coded in the SYSPROG application and stored in the SYSPROCS table.
Min functionReturns the minimum value of two passed arguments.
MixedCase functionGiven a string, returns the string with initial capitalization (the first character of each word in upper case, the rest of the word in lower case).
Mod functionReturns the modulo (remainder) of two expressions.
Msg functionDisplays dynamically constructed system messages.
MVBFS FunctionsOpenInsight Record Locking for Multivalue Developers
Name_Volume subroutineInitializes or renames a location (typically a folder). It assigns a label to the location and builds a location directory, creating a media map in the folder.
Namecap functionGiven a string, returns the string with its proper capitalization.
Neg functionReturns the inverse of a specified number. This function is identical to the unary minus operator.
NewEntity functionDisplays the OpenInsight common new dialog as used by the User Interface and Client/Server work spaces.
Not functionReturns the logical complement of an expression.
Null statementUse anywhere a statement is required, but where you want nothing to happen.
Num functionReturns true (1) if the expression is a number or a numeric string. Otherwise, returns 0.
OConv Boolean (B) functionConverts a Boolean true (1) or false (0) string into any characters.
OConv Date (D) functionConverts a date, stored in internal system format, into a specified output format.
OConv DateTime (DT) functionConverts from internal storage format to a specified date and time format.
OConv ENCRYPT_FORMAT functionConverts encrypted values into data strings.
OConv Character (MCx) functionConverts a string into a specified output format.
OConv Masked Decimal (MC, MD) functionConverts an internal storage value to a decimal output format.
OConv Masked Scientific (MS) functionConverts from internal storage format to scientific notation.
OConv MX, HEX, MO, MB functionConverts from internal storage format to hex, octal, and binary formats.
OConv Time (MT) functionConverts a value from internal storage format to a time output format.
OConv Variable Binary (VB) functionConverts a stored IConv (VB) value back into its original form.
OConv functionConverts data from the internal system storage format to the specified format. OConv() is identical to Fmt().
OIGETLOCALEINFO FunctionRetrieves Windows Language and Regional Settings from the workstation.
OI_GET_LOCALE_DATE FunctionReturns the short date within the local format.
OIWin_FormLoadPrev routineLoads the contents of the previously saved record into the current record.
OleCallMethod FunctionCalls the MethodName method of the OLE object.
OLECREATEINSTANCE FunctionCreates an instance of an OLE object
OleGetProperty FunctionReturns the value of the specified property of an OLE object.
OlePutProperty SubroutineEstablishes the PropertyName property of the ole object.
OleRequestLicKey FunctionReturns the runtime license key associated with the Classname class.
OLESTATUS FunctionReturns the status of the last OLE operation
OLE_GETWEBPAGE functionAn OLE function used to retrieve the contents of a webpage.
On...GoSub statementTransfers program control to one of several internal subroutines that are listed as statement labels.
On...GoTo statementTransfers program control to one of several statement labels. Branching is determined by computing an index expression.
Open statementCreates a table access variable (a file handle).
OSBRead statementReads from an operating system file opened with OSOpen.
OSBWrite statementWrites data into a previously opened operating system file, beginning at a specified point in the file. The file must have been opened using the OSOpen statement.
OSClose statementClose an operating system file that has been opened with an OSOpen statement.
OSDelete statementDeletes an operating system file.
OSOpen StatementOpens an operating system file for use with OSBRead and OSBWrite statements.
OSRead statementReads an entire operating system file into a BASIC+ variable.
OSWrite statementWrites data to the specified operating system file.
Page statementForce printer to advance one page. This statement is supported for backward compatibility only; newer programs should use the Print_ functions.
Parse_Struct subroutineExtracts elements from a structure into BASIC+ variables.
Ping FunctionSends a signal to an IP address.
PlaceDialog() routinePlaces a window on the screen at specific positions. This routine should be used during the CREATE event of a window. This routine will also make the window visible.
Popup functionDisplays tabular data and allows user selection.
Pop.Select subroutineRestores a previously active select list, saved by the Push.Select subroutine, into Cursor 0.
Pop.Session SubroutineRestores the environment parameters saved by a preceding call to Push.Session.
Post_Event functionPosts an event onto the event queue. The posted event will not be executed until the current event chain is completed. Compare to Send_Event.
Print_End functionTerminates the print job.
Print_Init functionStarts a printing session.
Print_SetFont functionSets the font for the text to be printed.
Print_SetFooter functionSets the page footer print and font.
Print_SetHeader functionSets the page header print and font.
Print_Text functionOutputs a single line of text to the printer.
Printer statementDirects output of Print statement to the printer.
PrintLineFeed functionAdvances printing to a new line or allows a font change on the current line.
PrintNewPage functionInserts a page break.
PrintPageStatus functionReturns the number of lines to the end of page.
PrintRect functionPrints a rectangle relative to the page, beginning at the top left and extending to the bottom right coordinate of the rectangle measured in inches.
PrintSetBrush functionSets the style, hatch, and color of the brush as defined by the Windows SDK.
PrintSetMargins functionSets the margins for the page to be printed for the printable area of the page.
PrintSetPen functionSets the style, width, and color of the pen as defined by the Windows SDK.
Push.Select subroutineSaves the currently active select list in Cursor 0 into four (4) variables. Cursor 0 is then available for program use. The select list can be restored using the Pop.Select subroutine.
Push.Session SubroutineSaves the current environment parameters in the variables specified.
PutBinaryValue FunctionThis function will update the contents of a binary variable.
Pwr functionCalculates the value of an expression raised to the specified power.
QryGetProperty functionRetrieves a Query property.
QryInstance functionCreates a Query (statement handle) for a specified Connection Object.
QryMethod functionExecutes a query method; a query corresponds to a statement handle for a Connection Object.
QrySetProperty functionSets a Query property, returning TRUE on success and FALSE otherwise.
Quote functionPlaces double quotation marks around a given expression.
Read_Column routineReturns one or more columns from a row in a table.
Read_Row routineReturns one or more rows from a table.
Read statementReads a record from a native table, assigning the record to the specified variable.
ReadNext...By statementExtracts the next key from a selected list of keys (a cursor), until the list is exhausted.
ReadNext statementExtracts the next key from the list of keys, until the list is exhausted.
READONLY PropertyA boolean property to set or retrieve the control's READONLY status.
ReadO statementUse to read a record that you do not intend to modify.
ReadV statementReads a specific column into a BASIC+ variable.
Recompile_Proc subroutineRecompiles one or more specified stored procedures.
Reduce subroutineCreates a cursor using a filter or applies a filter to an existing cursor.
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Rem function 
Remove statementExtracts substrings, including fields, values, and subvalues, from dynamic arrays, using ANSI characters 249 through 255 as delimiters.
Rename_Table subroutineChanges the name of an attached table.
Replace functionReplaces a field, a value, or a subvalue, in a dynamic array.
Repository functionUse to issue methods to repository objects (entities). Repository entities are stored as rows in the SYSREPOS table.
RetStack functionReturns an @fm delimited list of the currently executing procedures as seen in the debugger's Call Stack window.
Return statementTerminates an internal or external subroutine, and returns control back to the main or calling program.
Rev_Utility FunctionThe Rev_Utility function provides an API for various operating system functions.
RGB functionReturns the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color value
RList routineThe processing module for OpenList queries RList takes the OpenList statement. The Report Designer uses RList to access data for queries.
Rnd functionReturns a random numeric integer. You can use the InitRnd statement to initialize the Rnd function.
RowExists functionDetermines whether all rows specified in rowlist are in the specified native table.
RTI_CDOMail functionThis function will send emails from OpenInsight using authenticated logins and/or a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
RTI_CreateGUID FunctionThis function will create a guaranteed unique identifier.
RTI_Crypto functionThe RTI_Crypto provides for the ability to create encrypted values for authentication purposes.
RTI_DistinctList FunctionCreates a distinct list of delimited values using passed values.
RTI_Expiration_Date functionReturns the expiration date of the OpenInsight license.
RTI_GetNetworkUserName functionReturns the current network name of the user.
RTI_JSON FunctionThe RTI_JSON function allows you to evaluate either a javascript function or a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) expression.
RTI_List FunctionThe RTI_LIst function is a utility that helps in the use and management of saved lists in the SYSLISTS table.
RTI_Load_Database FunctionProgrammatically loads a DBT file.
RTI_Lock_Owner functionReturns the name of the computer containing the lock on a record.
RTI_OS_Directory functionThis function provides methods for manipulating operating system directories.
OERUN.EXEOERUN allows you to invoke an OpenInsight routine from the DOS command line.
RTI_ParseCSV FunctionThis function parses CSV files into OpenInsight delimited data.
RTI_Remove_Style_Sheet FunctionThis function will remove the style sheet from the window record.
RTI_SendFax FunctionA function that allows for the sending of faxes from OpenInsight.
RTI_Sets functionIDX_SETS is a function that performs union, intersection and difference of delimited sets of row data.
RTI_Stringbuilder functionThis function provides a utility to build and extract data from a string.
RTI_AUTOEXECRTI_AUTOEXEC is a support routine that manages the processing of startup tasks
RTI_TASK_SCHEDULERRTI_TASK_SCHEDULER creates a Windows scheduler entry to launch your task at the desired time.
RTI_TASK_SHUTDOWNRTI_TASK_SHUTDOWN stops the polling service that processes background tasks.
RTI_TASK_STARTUPRTI_TASK_STARTUP starts a polling service to process background tasks.
RTI_TASK_STATUSRTI_TASK_STATUS returns the current status of a submitted background tasks, and its results (if the task is complete).
RTI_TASK_SUBMITRTI_TASK_SUBMIT creates and optionally launches a background task. It is a member of the RTI_TASK_xxx programs. Use RTI_TASK_SUBMIT to trigger a background task from a program.
RTI_TASKMANAGERRTI_TASKMANAGER is a support routine that manages the processing of background tasks, possibly creating additional OInsight.exe instances to perform those tasks.
RTI_TRANSACTION subroutineRTI_TRANSACTION enables transaction processing (commit and rollback) for those filing systems that support it.
RTP5 subroutine (BASIC+ Compiler)Calls the BASIC+ compiler. You can determine whether a program compiles correctly, and if not, to determine compilation errors.
Run_Label subroutineRuns Report Builder+ labels.
Run_BRW_Report subroutineRuns Banded Report Writer reports
Run_Report subroutineRuns Report Builder reports.
Save_Env routineSaves the current environment settings.
Save_Select subroutineThe Save_Select subroutine saves an active select list of keys from cursor 0.
Select...By statementAn extended version of the Select statement which supports multiple cursors and sort options. The Select...By statement results in a resolved (not latent) cursor.
Select statementCreates a latent cursor of keys for an opened native table.
Select.Seek subroutineSelect.Seek is used to change the current position in a select list.
Select_Into functionThis function accepts an Rlist statement and returns the results of the statement in a specified format.
Send_Event functionExecutes an event (as compared to Post_Event(), which queues an event for execution).
Send_Info subroutineThe Send_Info subroutine sets the text for the system receiver. If no receiver has been set, the subroutine displays a line of text in the OpenInsight System Monitor.
Send_Message functionRequests a specific action from a form or control.
SENDMAIL functionSocket function used to send mail from an OpenInsight workstation.
Seq functionReturns the numeric value of an ASCII character (0-255).
Serial functionReturns the OpenInsight serial number.
Set_Bgnd_IX_Time functionSets the number of seconds the engine waits before and between indexing. This function is used with Set_IDXSvr() to control dedicated indexing.
Set_Dialog_Info functionSets the information associated with a dialog box.
Set_Dialog_Params functionReplaces any dialog-specific parameter data with new values.
Set_Env routineDefines the value of an environment attribute or list of attributes for the current database.
Set_EventStatus functionSets the status of an event forwarded from within an event handler.
Set_FSError functionSets a filing system error to be retrieved by the caller.
Set_IDXSvr functionToggles the dedicated indexing mode. To turn dedicated indexing on, pass 1; to turn dedicated indexing off, pass 0 (zero).
Set_Language FunctionSets the OpenInsight language.
Set_MFS subroutineProgrammatically attach Modifying Filing Systems (MFS) to specified tables.
Set_PrinterThe Set_Printer function provides intelligent defaults for the parameters that are unassigned. The format of the parameters that are passed to the Set_Printer function are consistent with standard OI parameters.
Set_Property functionSets properties in OpenInsight objects such as controls and windows.
Set_Sort_File FunctionThis function is used to set the path and file to be used by the sort mechanisms within OpenInsight when write temporary files.
Set_Status functionSets or clears error information.
SetANSIToUnicode subroutineEstablishes the mapping between an ANSI numeric value and a Unicode numeric value.
SetDebugger ("SPY") routineEnables or disables event logging on the System Monitor.
SetDefaultCharacter subroutineEstablishes the default character value used when a Unicode character does not map to an ANSI character.
SetInitDirOptions subroutineUsed to set attributes for the file mask used by the InitDir statement and DirList function.
SetMinimumDelimiter subroutineEstablishes the minimum system delimiter value.
SetNoOfDelimiters routineThis routine sets the number of characters downward from 255 that should be treated as System Delimiters.
SetUTF8 subroutineEstablishes whether or not string data is interpreted as UTF-8 or ANSI.
Sin functionCalculates the sine of an angle.
SMTPMAIL functionSocket function used to send SMTP mail from an OpenInsight workstation. Allows for the use of Multi-part MIME when sending email.
Space functionGenerates a string value containing a specified number of blank spaces. Use Space to provide a particular number of spaces between any two strings.
SQRT functionCalculates the square root of a positive number.
Start_MDIChild functionExecutes MDI child windows.
Start_Window functionBegins execution of an OpenInsight window (OIWINEXE). Optionally, returns an existing structure for modification before execution.
Status functionReturns a value that has been set by certain previous operations. Some procedures, both system and user-written, use Status() to set an error or result code.
Str functionReturns a string containing the expression repeated the specified number of times.
Struct_Flush subroutineFlushes any cached structure definitions.
Struct_Len functionReturns the length in bytes of a structure based on the structure's definition.
Struct_To_Var functionConverts a binary structure to a dynamic array, placing each element from the structure into the corresponding field.
Subroutine statementIdentifies the source code that follows as a subroutine. Use in the first line of code.
Sum functionIn a dynamic array, adds numeric data at the lowest delimiter level to numeric data at the next higher level.
Swap statementWithin a variable, replaces all occurrences of one string with another.
TableExists functionDetermines whether the table specified exists in the current database.
Tan functionFinds the tangent of an angle, expressed in degrees.
Time functionReturns the time of day, in internal storage format.
TimeDate functionReturns a string expressing the current time and date in external (display) format.
Transact subroutineControls transaction processing.
Transfer statementMoves the contents of one variable into another variable, and clears the original variable.
Trim, TrimB, TrimF functionsDeletes extra blank spaces from a character string or variable.
U2 Functions in OIThe following functions are used in OpenInsight to communicate with U2.
UCASE FunctionConverts the input parameter's contents from lower/mixed case to upper case.
Unassigned functionTests if a variable has been assigned. Returns True (1) if the variable is unassigned and False (0) if the variable is assigned - the opposite result from the assigned() function.
UNICODE_ANSI FunctionConverts a UNICODE string to an ANSI string.
UNICODE_UTF8 FunctionConverts a UNICODE string to an UTF8 string.
UnLock statementReleases a lock set by the station in a previous Lock statement. A table or row can only be locked again (by another user, for example) after the UnLock statement has been issued.
Unlock subroutineReleases locked records.
UnlockVariable statementUnlocks a BASIC+ variable that has been locked with LockVariable.
Update_Index subroutineUpdates or rebuilds indexes in a specified column or for all columns in an attached table.
UTF8_ANSI functionConverts a variable containing UTF_8 characters to a variable containing the corresponding ANSI characters.
UTF8_Unicode FunctionConverts an UTF8 string to Unicode string.
Utility functionThe Utility function is the OpenInsight interface to the Windows API, which provides a series of services that can be used to perform various tasks.
V119 (String Sort) subroutineV119 is an Assembly Language commuter module that supports eight different types of operations depending on the first parameter passed.
Validate routineValidates and converts data passed to the engine based on a specified validation pattern.
Var_To_Struct functionConverts an @fm-delimited variable into a structure placing, obtaining each structure element from the corresponding field in the variable.
Verify_LH stored procedure subroutineTests linear hash tables, and stores statistical information about data distribution and space utilization for a table or tables. Verify_LH also diagnoses group format errors (GFEs).
Write statementInserts or updates a row in the table. If the row does not exist, a new one will be created in the table. It the row does exist, it will be overwritten.
Write_Column routineWrites one or more columns to a specified row in a table.
Write_Row routineWrites one row to a specified table.
WriteV statementUpdates the data content of a specified column in a row in a table.
Xlate functionReturns data from the specified element in a table that has not been opened. Typically used in symbolic fields to bring back column data from a related table.
XML_Importer functionImports XML data into an OpenInsight table, optionally using an XML template.
XOGetProperty functionRetrieves a Connection Object property; the Connection Object is specified by the passed handle.
XOInstance functionCreates a Connection Object instance and returns the handle.
XOMethod functionExecutes a Connection Object method; the Connection Object is specified by the passed handle.
XOSetProperty functionSets a Connection Object property; the Connection Object is specified by the passed handle.
XREF subroutineReviews a string and divides it into "words," the boundaries of which are determined by delimiters you specify.
Yield subroutineChecks for pending events in the Windows event queue and executes them. Returns control as soon as the event queue is empty.



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