Descriptions in the following parameter table are specific to Relational indexes.

DesttableThe destination table for relational indexing information. desttable stores detail information about the master table.
destcolumnSpecifies the multi-valued column in the destination table that stores the list of related keys from the master table.

Specifies the order in which the indexed data is stored. sortmode parameters are:

ValueSort orderDescription
1TOPPut the most recently indexed data at the top (beginning) of the index (reverse chronological order).
2BOTPut the most recently indexed data at the bottom (end) of the index (chronological order).
3ALPut the indexed data into alphabetical order (ascending, left justified).
4ARPut the indexed data into numerical order lowest to highest (ascending, right justified).
5DLPut the indexed data into reverse alphabetical order (descending, left justified).
6DRPut the indexed data into reverse numerical order, highest to lowest (descending, right justified).
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