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    New Releases: SRP Editor 3.1, SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.6, and SRP Utilities 2.1.5
    We have a few new releases to announce today. The SRP Editor does formatting magic, the SRP ActiveX Controls get a new set of clothes, and SRP Utilities gets more date and time support. SRP Editor 3.1 OI 10. The SRP Editor now supports OI 10. We put a lot of hours into ensuring it […]
    New Releases: SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.5 and SRP Utilities 2.1.1
    SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.5 gets minor fixes and SRP Utilities 2.1.1 gets a major new feature. Unpacking Unpacking is new feature to the SRP_PreCompiler that lets you assign elements of a dynamic array into variables all on a single line! For example, if you use the SRP_Date Decode service, you’ll get an @FM delimited array of information. If […]
    New Release: SRP HTTP Framework 4.0.6
    Wow…it’s been almost three years to the date since we announced the general availability of the SRP HTTP Framework. Don’t let the time gap fool you. This product has continued to go through ongoing updates and enhancements with new versions coming out on average every 4 months. Our only excuse for not posting additional notices […]
    New Release: SRP Utilities 2.1
    SRP Utilities 2.1 was released today, providing a handful of new services and routines alongside a couple improvements to existing ones.     SRP_Num SRP_Num is a replacement and enhancement to OpenInsight’s built-in Num() function. Using Num() to verify if the expression is a number will not necessarily avoid a runtime error. If the expression […]
    New Releases: SRP Editor 3.0.3, SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.4, and SRP Utilities 2.0.6
    We have three new releases today. The SRP Editor gives the SRP Table Search utility a little TLC, the SRP ActiveX Controls get a few fixes, and the SRP Utilities get a new feature.     SRP Editor 3.0.3 Better search. The SRP Editor has always included the SRP Table Search utility, which you can quickly […]
    Monitor the Progress of OpenInsight 9 Index Update or Rebuild
    When rebuilding or updating a large index in OpenInsight 9, the user interface can go into a Not Responding state even though the rebuild or update process continues to perform the task. This leaves the user uncertain if the process is working or when it might complete. This blog article provides a strategy for working around this […]
    New Releases: SRP Editor 3.0.2 and SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.3
    We have two new releases today. SRP Editor makes you even more productive and the SRP ActiveX Controls get some love.     SRP Editor 3.0.2 Better readonly record support. The SRP Editor has, for a long time, allowed users to intentionally open a record in read only mode. However, there were still some inconveniences. […]