Over the years OpenInsight has made it more or less challenging to implement a tab control. While its current version has its advantages it still makes some basic features difficult or impossible to accomplish. The SRP Tab Control makes your life easier by doing all the work for you. Forget about capturing buttondown events and swapping bitmapped tab images. The tab control simply creates the tabs you need and lets you know when a new tab has been selected. Further more, the tab control draws it's own complete border behind your controls, so you don't need to created tab borders using group boxes or bitmap controls. As an added touch, the SRP Tab Control supports XP Visual Styles to give your user full control of the application presentation.

Of course, the SRP Tab Control is more functional than standard bitmapped tab controls. The SRP Tab Control supports both single-line and multi-line modes. In single-line mode, small scroll buttons appear when all tabs cannot fit within the control's current width. Using the scroll buttons, the user can scroll left or right through the tabs. In multi-line mode, the SRP Tab Control creates stacked rows of tabs as is needed to fit all tabs within the control's width. The grunt work has been taken out of tab layout.

You also have control of individual tabs. You can hide them and disable them. You can even put images in each tab. The SRP Tab Control supports accelerators, so you can assign hot keys that take the user directly to a tab with minimal code.

Like all SRP OLE Controls, the SRP Tab Control works with OpenInsight, not against it. All SRP OLE Controls pass accelerator commands to OpenInsight when they have focus, preserving your menu command hot keys. You can even insert your SRP Tab Control into the tab order.


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