The SRP Button Control takes the standard OpenInsight button to the next level. With the SRP Button Control you can instantly have a button with transparent bitmap support, special effects, and rollover; there's no need to write your own event logic in OpenInsight. The SRP Button Control even supports styles, so you can have standard push buttons, toolbar buttons, Office XP toolbars, or buttons that conform to the user's current XP theme. In addition to regular push button mode, the SRP Button Control also supports toggle mode and tri-state mode giving you increased functionality for your OpenInsight forms.

Do you have the SRP StatusBar Control? If so, you can have SRP Button Controls send status bar text to it using only one line of BASIC+ code. Similarly, SRP Button Controls support tooltip text for immediate context sensitive help.

Like all SRP OLE controls, the SRP Button Control works with OpenInsight, not against it. All SRP OLE Controls pass accelerator commands to OpenInsight when they have focus, preserving your menu command hot keys. You can even insert your SRP Button Control into the tab order.



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