The SRP Picture Control automates many tasks developers face when using OpenInsight's bitmap control. The SRP Picture Control supports bitmap transparency, which wasn't available until OpenInsight version 4.1.3. Like the bitmap control, the SRP Picture Control accepts all manner of image sources including files, Dll's and Exe's, and even raw image data.

The SRP Picture Control surpasses the bitmap control with the inclusing of various layouts. In addition to stretching an image to fit in the control or keeping the image's original size, the SRP Picture Control has both "thumbnail" and "tile" layouts. The thumbnail layout will shrink the image to fit with the control while maintaining the image's aspect ratio, and the tile layout allows you to fill the entire control with repeatedly with the image.

Animation is an increasingly common way of enhancing the interface and alerting the user of special conditions. The SRP Picture Control makes this easy by accepting an image containing any number of equal size frames, then animating those frames at a framerate you specify. Optionally, you can set the SRP Picture Control to a multi-framed image that doesn't animate; rather it "swaps" frames based on particular conditions you control.

Finally, the SRP Picture Control will draw common standard window "parts." Window parts include chiseled dividers, beveled borders, toolbar grippers, etc. This allows you to increase your form's depth without having to draw your own control parts using bitmaps.


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