OpenInsight applications gained international appeal when support for Unicode was introduced several years ago. However, despite being able to view and store Unicode data, the ability to print Unicode characters was absent. While Revelation Software addressed this for OpenInsight version 9.0 and higher, it left applications running on older versions of OpenInsight without a solution. The SRP Unicode OIPI was designed to eliminate this deficiency.


Setting up SRP Unicode OIPI involves more than a simple run of the RDK. There are some commands you need to run as well. Here are the setup steps:

  1. Run the SRP_Unicode_OIPI_Install or, if you have the RDK itself, install it using RDKINSTALL.
  2. From the TCL or System Monitor, run:

  3. Restart OpenInsight.

Now all calls to GET_PRINTER and SET_PRINTER are routed through SRP Unicode OIPI.

Registering Components

In the past, some of the DLLs used by SRP Unicode OIPI needed to be registered. That is not the case as of version 2.0. The only requirement is that all the DLLs are in the working directory of OpenInsight. Here are the DLLs installed:

  • C1.C1Report.4.dll
  • C1.Win.C1Report.4.dll
  • ISRPUnicodeOIPI.dll
  • SRPUnicodeOIPI.dll


There is nothing special you need to do. Just use OIPI like you normally would and you'll get great speeds and Unicode support.


You can temporarily disable SRP Unicode OIPI without uninstalling it by calling the Disable service. When disabled, SRP Unicode OIPI routes all calls to OpenInsight's OIPI. To enable it again, call the Enable service.

Note. SRP Unicode OIPI is always enabled by default when first installed.


The Uninstall service removes SRP Unicode OIPI's hooks so that all calls to GET_PRINTER and SET_PRINTER are direct to OpenInsight's OIPI. You can always install it again using the Install service.

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