An OLE function used to retrieve the contents of a webpage.


retval = OLE_GetWebPageurl, method, payload, credentials )


urlThe web address of the webpage to retrieve.
methodGET or POST. This parameter defaults to GET.
payload<Optional> For a POST request, this is the POSTED data. This parameter defaults to NULL.
credentials<Optional> If proxy authentication is needed, pass the credentials as username : @fm : password. See for info on Proxy Authentication
headers<Optional> An 2-level @fm-delimited array of associated @vm-delimited header values. If specified, these values are sent when the HTTP request is initiated.


The response from the URL


This function uses the MS ServerXMLHttp protocol. This function allows calls to SSL sites and can send authenticated requests.


Declare Function Ole_GetWebPage
url = ""
retval =  ole_getwebpage( url )
Swap Char(13) : char(10) With @fm In retval
Swap char(10) With @fm In retval
Swap @fm With char(13) : char(10) In retval
OSWrite retval To "C:\url.txt"
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