Each control has a set of properties associated with it that governs attributes of the control's appearance or behavior. Some properties are set when you define the control, while others are defined only at runtime. While you can manipulate most properties through your code at runtime, each time that the application is started the value associated with each property is initialized. The functions Get_Property() and Set_Property() are used to get the value assigned to a particular property, and to set the value associated with a particular property.

In this chapter, properties are arranged in alphabetical order. Each property includes a description, sample usage, and explanation of the usage and values returned by Get_Property() and Set_Property(). Properties designed specifically for use by Lotus Notes developers are labeled with an icon; properties for use with OpenInsight native data only are also noted with an icon.

For more information about properties, refer the Guide to Application Development, which includes information on controls and properties that apply to each.


For the purposes of this chapter the following definitions apply.

  •  Control: Graphical object used in a window or form to process text, or to control processing.

  •  Linked Control: A control that is linked to a data table.

  •  Interactive Control: Any control that can have focus and be controlled by keyboard

OpenInsight Properties Reference

ACCELERATORReturns or defines an accelerator key for a menu item.
ACCEPTDROPFILESA boolean property that lets the operating system know if a user can drag files from the Operating System shell to the OpenInsight form or control.
ACCESSDATASets or returns the text in the cell that the cursor is currently positioned in (ACCESSPOS)
ACCESSPOSSets or returns the position of the internal cursor in the edit table.
ANCHORBOTTOMReturns or sets the controls bottom anchor status.
ANCHORRIGHTReturns or sets the controls right anchor status.
ARRANGEICONSWhen set to true, indicates that minimized MDI child windows (for MDI frame) or icon (for window) will automatically be kept arranged.
ARRAYReturns or sets all cell values as a two dimensioned array indexed by column, then row for the specified edit table control.
ATRECORDSet and retrieve record as reflected in the window.
AUTOSCROLLWhen set to 1, tabbing and control accelerators (eg., the underlined letter in a label like "Close") are used to automatically change pages.
AUTOSIZECOLWhen not set to 0, and any column in an edit table is resized, the width of the specified column is automatically adjusted.
AUTOSIZEHEIGHTReturns or sets the controls autosize height status.
AUTOSIZEWIDTHReturns or sets the controls autosize width status.
BACKCOLORSets or retrieves the RGB value associated with the background color of the specified control.
BITMAPGet_Property returns the path to the picture file; Set_Property sets the path and whether the bitmap should be transparent.
BLOCK_EVENTSSetting the BLOCK_EVENTS property to true disables the generation and processing of all event messages (except for CLOSE) in the system.
CANCELWith Get_Property, returns the control identifier to which the CANCEL property has been assigned.
CANUNDOIf an action that can be undone has been performed against the control, CANUNDO returns true.
CARETPOSIndicates the position of the caret in the control.
CELLPOSWith Set_Property, allows you to enter data to or retrieve from a specific cell of an edit table.
CHARMAPThe 255-character conversion map used for keyboard input.
CHECKReturns or sets the value of a check box.
CLICKPOSReturns the position of the mouse when the button is clicked over the edit table.
CLIENTSIZEUse with Get_Property, only.
COLDATAFills or retrieves the current column (SELPOS) of the edit table as @VM-delimited array of cells.
COLUMNReturns the name of the column that the specified control is linked to. Use with Get_Property, only.
CONVReturns the output conversion specification for the named control.
COUNTERReturns the current value and increments the value of COUNTER.
CTRLMAPReturns an @FM-delimited list of control identifiers, as they apply to the specified window, including the menu.
CURSORReturns or sets the cursor to be used when a control has focus.
DATASOURCETYPEReturns the type of datasource the control is bound to (i.e., Notes Form, DataSet)
DDECOMMANDSends a command string to the server.
DDEERRORReturns any error code generated by the DDE connection or activity processes.
DDEITEMThe specification of the DDE field, and part three of the DDE three-level hierarchy.
DDELINKEstablishes a DDE link with a server, in one of four modes.
DDEDATAPokes or retrieves data to or from the DDE server.
DDEMODEUsed only with Get_Property, returns the connection mode for the current DDE session.
DDESERVICEPart one of the DDE three-level hierarchy.
DDETOPICPart two of the DDE three-level hierarchy.
DEFAULTReturns or sets the DEFAULT property to one (and only one) button in a window.
DEFPROPReturns or sets a value of the default property for that control.
DESIGNMODEA boolean property that, when set, implements the following behavior on a control:
DESTROY_FLAGUse with Get_Property only.
DEVMODEReturns the value of the DV switch used to launch OpenInsight.
DRAGFORMATLISTContains an @fm-delimited list of data formats being dragged.
DRAGTEXTSELECTIONContains the starting point and length of the selected text used for a drag operation.
DRAGSELROWCOUNTContains the numbers of rows being dragged from a row-oriented control.
DRAGSELROWSContains the row numbers of the data being dragged from a row-oriented control.
DRAGPOSContains the client coordinates of the mouse (i.e relative to the control’s client area) when the drag operation started.
DRAGCOPYA boolean property denoting if a drag source control allows a copy operation
DRAGMOVEA boolean property denoting if a drag source control allows a MOVE operation.
DRAGCELLPOSContains the cell position of data begin dragged within an edit table.
DRAGBUTTONContains a number specifying which mouse button was used to start the drag operation.
DRAGSOURCEContains the name of the OpenInsight control that is the "drag source" during a drag operation.
DRAWTEXTSpecifies whether the value contained in the HELPTEXT property is displayed as text on the screen or as balloon help.
DROPACCEPTSet to false during a DRAGOVER event to stop OpenInsight from performing data comparisons against the drop target untl the control is entered again.
DROPCOPYA boolean property denoting if a drop source control allows a copy operation.
DROPSOURCEContains the name of the OpenInsight control that is the "drag source" during a drag operation. For use with Get_Property only.
DROPDOWNDrops down the list box (Set_Property), or returns true or false (Get_Property).
DROPFORMATLISTContains an @fm-delimited list of data formats accepted by the control.
DROPMOVEA boolean property denoting if a drop source control allows a MOVE operation.
DROPRESULTThe DropResult property is set to prevent OpenInsight from performing any default data copy or move operations after the DRAGROP event returns.
DROPTARGETContains the name of the OpenInsight control that is currently the target of a drag-drop operation.
DROPTYPEUsed during the DRAGDOP event to let the system know what operation took place.
DSOHANDLEReturns the handle of the DataSet associated with a control.
DTHANDLEReturns the underlying handle of the datatable object.
DUMMYCAPTIONAllows the specified control to behave as if it is the title (or caption) bar of a window.
ECHOIf the specified control has a CHAR event, this property allows you to turn the echo of user keystrokes on or off.
ENABLEDAllows a disabled control to issue an event, or disables a control.
ENABLEDRAGA boolean property to allow data to be dragged from that control.
ENABLEDRAGLISTA boolean property to allow combobox lists to be dragged from that control.
ENABLEDRAGROWSA boolean property to allow selected rows within an edittable to be dragged from that control.
ENABLEDROPA boolean property to mark the control as a drop target.
ENABLEDROPEXPANDA boolean property to allow the control to respond to mouse hover notifications and expanding a node automatically.
ENABLEDROPSCROLLA boolean property to allow the control to respond to mouse hover notifications while data is dragged over the control.
ENABLEDROPLISTA boolean property to allow simple combo box drop target controls to register their list component as a drop target.
EVENTQUALIFIERSets or retrieves the event qualifier for the MENU event of a MENU item.
EVENROWCOLORSet and retrieve the RGB color of even numbered rows within an edit table.
EXITCODEReturns the exit code (integer) of the last Windows application started by Utility ("RUNWIN", …).
FOCUSUsed to determine if a control has focus, or to set focus to a control.
FOCUSCELLCOLORDefines the color to use for the cell that currently has focus within the edit table.
FOCUSCELLFONTDefines the font to use for the cell that currently has focus within the edit table.
FOCUSRECTCOLORDefines the color of the rectangle drawn around the cell with focus.
FOCUSRECTSTYLEDefines how the focus rectangle is drawn around the cell with focus.
FOCUSRECTWEIGHTDefines the thickness of the rectangle drawn around the cell with focus.
FONTSets or returns the font and its characteristics that are assigned to the control.
FontStructureFontStructure attributes for the FONT property are as follows.
FORECOLORReturns or sets the foreground color of the specified control.
GOTFOCUS_CONTROLIdentifies the last control on the window that had an event handler defined for the GOTFOCUS event.
GOTFOCUS_VALUEWhen a control gets focus, the value of that control's TEXT property is saved in GOTFOCUS_VALUE.
GRADIENTSTYLESets and retrieves the gradient style of the background color of a window.
HANDLEWindows handle for the object.
HEADERHEIGHTSet or retrieve the height of the header row in an edit table control.
HELPTEXTFor controls, gets or sets text to be displayed as balloon help.
HOLD_EVENTSHolds Windows messages in the Presentation Server's queue until OpenEngine completes the current event processing.
HPOSITIONReturns or sets position of slide in a horizontal scroll bar.
ICONThis property sets or returns the path to an icon file (.ICO).
IDRetrieves the current primary key associated with the form.
IDLEPROCValue is an @FM-delimited array:
IMAGESet_Property() sets the bitmap control to display the raw image, as actually read from an image file.
IMAGECLIPSet to true to clip the image (only show as much of the image as fits into the control) or false to resize the image to the size of the control.
IMAGECOUNTSpecifies the number of images in a bitmap.
IMAGENUMBERSpecifies the image to display for a multi-image bitmap.
IMAGEOFFSETFor clipped bitmaps, this property specifies the location within the image (not within the control) to draw from.
IMAGEORIGINFor clipped bitmaps, this property specifies the location within the control (not the image) to treat as the origin.
INVALUESets or retrieves DEFPROP property of the control in internal format.
ITEMSTYLESets or retrieves a menu style, which is a combination (BitOr) of any number of the following values:
IOOPTIONSSets/Gets the file I/O options for the window.
LABELText used as a heading for columns in an edit table control.
LIMITReturns count of items in a control.
LIST_EXReturns or sets what the list would be if fully expanded.
LISTReturns or sets the items that appear in the list box or drop-down list box.
MAXIMIZESIZEThe MAXIMIZESIZE sets and retrieves the maximum size coordinates for a window.
MDIACTIVESet_Property activates the specified MDI child window.
MDIFRAMEReturns the name of the MDI frame for an MDI child window, or null if the specified window is not an MDI frame or child.
MISCReturns or sends a string of user-defined data.
MODALAllows you to disable all existing (at the time the property is set) windows, or all windows that belong to the OpenInsight application.
MODIFIEDChecks, sets, or resets the Boolean Modified flag, for combo and edit boxes, and for an edit line.
MVReturns true, if the specified control is associated with a multi-value table column.
NEXTWith Get_Property(), returns the next object in the tab order.
NOACCELTRANSLATIONA boolean property that will stop the passing of an OLE control's keystroke processing to the OpenInsight Presentation Server.
NOTIFYPOSReturns the position where the last action occurred.
ODDROWCOLORSet and retrieve the RGB color of odd numbered rows within an edit table.
ORIG_SIZEReturns the original size and position of the specified control.
ORIG_STRUCTUsed only with Get_Property(), returns the structure with initial values of the control.
ORIG_XXXYou can use the ORIG_XXX properties to reset control properties to their original values.
PAGELISTDetermines whether a particular control should be displayed on all pages of a multi-page form, or the current page only.
PARENTReturns the parent (or owner) name of the specified control.
PARTIf the control is linked to a key field which is a multi-part key, returns which part of the key this control is linked to.
POPUP_LIMITReturns the number of menu items in a menu popup that the specified item belongs to.
POPUPName of menu popup item the specified menu item belongs to.
POSReturns the position of the column, relative to the data table structure, associated with the specified control.
POSITIONReturns the position (starting with 1) of a menu item in a menu popup the item belongs to.
PREVFOCUSReturns the last control that had focus.
PREVIOUSWith Get_Property, returns the previous object in the controls tabbing order for the window.
PREVSELPOSReturns the previously selected cell in an edit table.
PSSTYLEA Get_Property only property that returns the current Presentation Server style for a control.
QBFLISTSets or returns the browse list of Native Table keys for QBF (Query By Form).
QBFPOSReturns the absolute position of the current Native Tables record in a QBF (Query By Form) list.
QBFSTATUSUsed only with Get_Property, determines whether or not QBF (Query By Form) is active.
QUERYENDGet_Property returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the Windows message WM_QUERYENDSESSION is being processed by OpenInsight.
RECEIVERGet_Property() returns an object that was set as receiver of messages sent through the OpenEngine C interface.
RECORDWhen set, allows you to override the default @RECORD associated with the current window.
REDRAWWhen set to false, prevents the display of visual changes in a particular window until re-set to true.
REPOS_TYPEReturns the repository type classification for the specified window.
REQUIREDWhen true, requires control to contain data. Used primarily with database linked controls.
ROWDATAFills or retrieves the current row of the edit table as an @FM-delimited array of cells.
ROWLIMITSet and retrieve number of allowable rows within an edit table.
ROWSHADEA boolean property that will paint alternating edit table rows in different colors.
RTFTEXTSet and retrieve RTF text from an edit box which has the Rich Editor property set.
SAVEWARNSet to true by the system when changes are made to data in bound controls.
SELECTIONWith Get_Property, returns the starting position and length of selected text in the control.
SELPOS_EXReturns the expanded position of the selected item in a (hierarchical) list box.
SELPOSReturns or sets the position (starting with 1) of the selected position in an edit table or list box.
SERVERNAMEReturns the OpenEngine ServerName used by OpenInsight.
SIZEReturns or sets the size and position of the specified control.
SORTEDCOLAllows you to sort the contents of an edit table by a specified column.
STATUSLINESets or retrieves the name of the control that displays help text for menu items and bitmapped buttons.
STYLE(STYLE_EX)Sets or retrieves the Windows SDK style (long integer) for a control.
TABLEReturns the name of the table linked with the specified control.
TABOUTEXCEEDWhen set to true, and size limit for a control's text value is reached, automatically tabs to the next control.
TABSTOPSReturns or sets the number of pixels, from the origin, between tab stops in a control.
TEXTReturns or sets text values which appear in the control.
TEXTVALSame as TEXT property, but converts @TM,@SVM,@VM to <CR>/<LF> for Set_Property, and <CR>/<LF> to @TM for Get_Property.
THEMEDDetermines if the desktop is using themes.
TIMERStarts or stops the timed generation of TIMER events for a window.
TOPPOSIndicates the position of the top-most visible item in a list box, or the top and left-most visible cell in an edit table.
TRACKINGSIZEThe TRACKINGSIZE sets and retrieves the minimum and maximum size coordinates for a window.
TYPEReturns the formal control type name for the specified control.
UDPLISTThis property provides a method of obtaining a list of user-defined properties for a control.
UTF8Setting the SYSTEM UTF8 property will ensure that UTF8 processing is enforced within an application.
VALIDReturns the input validation specification for the named control, or null if none is specified.
VALUEReturns or sets the value of a selected radio button or tab within a tab control.
VALUESReturns or sets the values within a tab control.
VERSIONReturns Windows version :@FM:OpenInsight version.
VISIBLEReturns or sets visibility status of specified control.
VPOSITIONReturns or sets position of slide in a vertical scroll bar.
XLISTReturns or sets the items that appear in the list box or drop-down list box.
System_ObjectThe SYSTEM object code is contained in a file called PMProp2.cpp in the PM_SysProperty function..



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