Applies to

List box, edit table.


Indicates the position of the caret in the control. The caret indicates the item that has the focus in a multiple-selection list box or edit table.


selecteditem = Get_Property (objectname, "CARETPOS")

oldselection = Set_Property (objectname, "CARETPOS", newselecteditem)


Get_Property returns column:@FM:row for active cell in an edit table, or selected item(s) for combo and list boxes.

Set_Property sets the active cell for an edit table, or selects the row(s) for combo and list boxes.

Values passed in Set_Property are:

newselecteditemEdit table: Column:@FM:Row.

Combo and list boxes: ordinal position of row(s).

Use -1 to indicate the last item in the list.

See also

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