Starts a new window (specified in dialogID) which becomes an owned window of the owner window (specified in parentID).

Returns the name of the dialog box that has been started.


dialogname = Create_Dialog (dialogID, parentID, mode, initparam)


The Create_Dialog function has the following parameters.

DialogIDSpecify a valid window identifier for the new dialog box. The window definition must exist in the repository.
ParentIDIf a valid parent, the new dialog box is owned by the parentID window, and the dialog box is modal. If invalid, Create_Dialog returns without creating the dialog box. The owner should not be an MDI child; in this case, pass the MDI frame as the owner.
modePass true to create a modeless dialog box, where the owner window is still enabled. Pass false to disable the owner, and to make the dialog box modal. This parameter is optional and defaults to false.
initparamThis parameter is passed to the CREATE event of the dialog as the CreateParam.

Note: Use End_Dialog to stop execution of this window, before closing the owner window.

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