Use to close a dialog box created by Dialog_Box or Create_Dialog.


End_Dialog (dialogname, result)


The End_Dialog subroutine has the following parameters.

dialognamePass the name of the running window.
ResultDialog procedures should be written so that any data needing to be returned to the calling window is returned in result.

Use End_Dialog to destroy your dialog window, and, optionally, to return a result to the caller.

Notes: When using End_Dialog within an event handler one must end the event with a 'Return 0'.

Use End_Dialog to close all windows started using the Dialog_Box or Create_Dialog function.

When using Dialog_Box on a databound form, the End_Dialog() call does not handle the unlocking of data. Send the CLEAR event prior to the End_Dialog() call and unlocking will occur.

See also

Create_Dialog()Dialog_Box()End_Window()Set_Dialog_Info(), Chapter 10: Programming Techniques Collector Windows in OpenInsight

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