Begins execution of an OpenInsight window (OIWINEXE). Optionally, returns an existing structure for modification before execution.


windowname = Start_Window (windowID, parentID, createparam, getstructureflag, instance)


The Start_Window function has the following parameters.

WindowIDName of window, as registered in the repository.
ParentIDName of parent window, as a valid repository entry. If parentID has a value, then the window specified in windowID is executed as a window owned by parentID.

An owned window has the following characteristics:

  • always on top of z-order (cannot be put behind its owner);
  • is automatically destroyed, when the owner is destroyed;
  • is hidden, when owner is minimized.
createparamAny data you want to make available to the new window at CREATE event. This data cannot contain @RM (Char(255)) values.
getstructureflagPass true, to return the structure of a window, without actually executing it. You can modify the structure, before executing it. Use the CREATE message for the Utility function, to execute the structure returned by Start_Window().
InstanceReserved for future use.

Note: Although the term "parent" is used, the window specified in parentID is actually the owner of the window to be executed.


Returns the window name. If getstructureflag was passed true, then the return value is the repository window structure.

See also

End_Window()Start_MDIChild()Dialog_Box()Create_Dialog()Utility("CREATE")ORIG_STRUCT property

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