Returns the current operating system path from which OpenInsight is running.


defaultdrive = Drive()


The value returned will be the current operating system path for the default drive, directory, subdirectory, or volume. The default drive is the drive current at logon time.

This function will return mapped or UNC paths.

When the drive is the root directory a trailing backslash is returned. When the drive is not the root directory then a trailing backslash is not returned.


* Returns the current drive.
* If the path to OpenInsight is
* "C:\Revsoft\OpenInsight\oinsight.exe"
drive = Drive()
* The drive variable will contain "C:\Revsoft\OpenInsight"
* If path is mapped, so that "C:\Revsoft\OpenInsight" is the F: drive,
* then the drive variable will contain "F:\"
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