Temporarily includes a table in the database definition. To make this permanent, run Define_Database, or use the Database Manager.


Attach_Table(locationlist, tablelist, database, options)


The Attach_Table subroutine has the following parameters.

LocationlistSpecifies the location of the existing table. Can be specified in any of the following ways:

[ location ]

[ location, table_type ]

[ location, table_type, control_table_path ]


Typically, this value will be the path to a directory containing Native Tables.

TablelistThe table(s) to attach from the specified location. If you do not specify tablelist, then all tables at the specified location are attached when their associated database is the current application database. If no tables match the current database, tables with a GLOBAL database identifier are attached.
DatabasePass a value, to override the default behavior (refer to tablelist), and to attach tables with a database identifier that does not match the current database identifier.
OptionsReserved. Pass null.

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/* Attach the OUTSTANDING table from the AP volume on the ACCT_PAY database. */
Attach_Table("AP", "OUTSTANDING", "ACCT_PAY", "")
If Get_Status(StatusCode) Then GoSub Error_Processing
/*Attach the EMP, JOBTABLE, and HISTORY tables from the default volume DATAVOL. */
TableList = ""
TableList<1> = "EMP"
TableList<2> = "JOB_TABLE"
TableList<3> = "HISTORY"
Attach_Table("DATAVOL", TableList, "", "")
If Get_Status(StatusCode) Then GoSub Error_Processing
*Attach entire DATAVOL volume.
Attach_Table("DATAVOL", "", "", "")
If Get_Status(StatusCode) Then GoSub Error_Processing
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