Returns a value that has been set by certain previous operations. Some procedures, both system and user-written, use Status() to set an error or result code.


status = Status()


The Status() function returns a value that indicates the status of the previous operation. No argument is defined within the parentheses.

Certain operations set and use the Status() value. However, you can assign a Status() value for your own purposes. For example:

Status() = 1

Be aware, however, that between the time you set the value of Status() and next check it, some other procedure might have set its own value.

This is not related to the Get_Status and Set_Status functions.

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/* Status() is set when the operating system file is read. The number returned by Status() is used to set the error code. */
OSOpen file To file_var Then
  OSBRead frame From file_var At 0 Length 25
  OSClose file
End Else
  error_code = Status()
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