Defines the value of an environment attribute or list of attributes for the current database.


Set_Env (attributelist, valuelist, transactflag)


The Set_Env routine has the following parameters.

attributelistOne or more attribute identifiers from the list of attributes in the table following the description of this command.
valuelistSpecifies a value for each attribute identifier defined in attributelist.
transactflagIf true (1), all values in valuelist must be valid or no attributes are set. If transactflag is false (0) or null, valid attributes are set and invalid attributes are ignored. A column is returned for each attribute in attributelist. If a valid value is provided, the column is true (1). If an invalid value is provided, the column is false (0).

See also

Get_EnvENVIRON_CONSTANTS insert record


For examples of finding the current environment settings, see Get_Env.

Example (disabling the debugger)

/* in this example, the debug statement does not go to the debugger
   because the debugger is disabled */
$insert environ_constants
declare subroutine set_env
on_off = 0
t_flag = 1
set_env(ENV_DEBUGGER_ENABLED$, on_off, t_flag)
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