Parameters in the following table are specific to Cross Reference indexes.


Specifies delimiters used to separate words. Valid delimiters are:

VMValue marks.
SVMSub-value marks.
TMText marks.

If delimiterlist is null, a space is used by default.

Note: delimiterlist is field mark delimited.

stoplistNo index is maintained for words in the specified stop list. stoplist contains 2 columns. Column 1 is the stop list mode. Use column 2 to specify a user defined stop list (multi-valued column).

Note: stoplist is value mark delimited.

Available stop list modes are:

1Use the default stop list.
2Use the default stop list, and an additional stop list you defined in field 2 of stoplist.
3Create your own stop list. This list is passed in the second field of stoplist. If you choose mode 3, the second field should be passed as an @vm-delimited list. From the command line, this can be specified as follows: ["3",["is","and","was"] ]

Note: If the stop list mode is 2 or 3, then delimit the stop list mode from the stop list values with a field mark. Delimit the stop list values themselves with value marks. See example below.

You can view and modify the default stop list. Use the Environment Index Settings dialog box, reached from the INDEXES... button in the Environment Management dialog box, which is available from the Database-Environment Settings menu, in the Database Manager.


/* code fragment for constructing the stop list before calling Create_Index */
If StopList_NO > 1  then
   StopList_Text = Trim(Get_Property(Stop_List$, "TEXTVAL"))
   Swap @tm with @vm in StopList_text
   If Not(Case_Sens) then
     Convert to in StopList_Text
   StopList = StopList_No:@fm:StopList_Text
End Else
   Stoplist = StopList_No
Create_Index(Xref_Index$, Filename, Column, Case_Sens, Build_Now, Dlist, StopList)

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