Determines if the given datetime is a real date and time.

IsValid = SRP_DateTime("Validate", Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second)


1 if the components represent an actual calendar date and actual time, 0 if not.


YearA calendar year. (REQUIRED)
MonthA calendar month. (REQUIRED)
DayA day for the given month. (REQUIRED)
HourAn hour. 0 - 23. (REQUIRED)
MinuteA minute. 0 - 59. (REQUIRED)
SecondA second. 0 - 59 (REQUIRED)


The "Validate" service determines if the the given components represent a valid calendar date and time. If even just one component is "out of bounds," then 0 is returned. Leap years is taken into account.


// Validate a datetime
IsValid = SRP_DateTime("Validate", 1941, 12, 8, 7, 51, 43)
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