SRP_Date provides several services to easily manipulate BASIC+ dates. SRP_Date provides the following services:

ServiceDescriptionVersion Added
AddDaysAdds days to a date.2.1.5
AddMonthsAdds months to a date.2.1.5
AddYearsAdds years to a date.2.1.5

A date's day.

DayOfWeekA date's the day of the week.
DayOfWeekNameA day of the week's name in a given locale.
DayOfWeekNamesAll the day of the week names in a given locale.
DayOfYearA date's day of the year.
DaysInMonthsThe number of days in a given month of a given year.
DaySpanThe number of days between dates.2.1.5
DecodeDecodes a date into a dynamic array of information about that date.
EncodeCreates a date from a given year, month, and day.
FirstDayOfWeekThe first day of the week for a given locale.
FormatFormats a date using a given locale.
IConvSupports using SRP_Date in an IConv.
IsLeapYearDetermines if a given year is a leap year.
MonthA date's month.
MonthNameA month's name in a given locale.
MonthNamesAll the month names in a given locale.
MonthSpanThe number of months between dates.2.1.5
OConvSupports using SRP_Date in an OConv.
ParseParses a string into a date.
SpanThe number of days between dates.2.1.5
TodayToday's date in local or UTC time zones.
ValidateDetermines if the given date is a real date.
YearA date's year.
YearSpanThe number of years between dates.2.1.5
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