All the month names in a given locale.

Name = SRP_Date("MonthNames", NameLength = "Full", Locale = "")


The human readable names for the given month.


NameLengthHow the names are to be returned: options are "Full" or "Abbreviated". (OPTIONAL)
LocaleA locale for culture specific names. (OPTIONAL)


The "MonthNames" service retrieves the cultural specific names for all the months in an @FM delimited array. The array will contain 12 month names in the order they appear on the Gregorian calendar. The values returned depend on two factors: NameLength and Locale. NameLength can be on of two options: "Full" returns the full names and "Abbreviated" returns the commonly used abbreviations. Locale is the locale name used to target a specific language.


// Get the full month names in the local culture
Names = SRP_Date("MonthNames")

// Get the abbreviated month names in the local culture
Names = SRP_Date("MonthNames", "Abbreviated")

// Get the abbreviated month names in Spain
Names = SRP_Date("MonthNames", "Abbreviated", "es-ES")
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