A detailed reference guide for each SRP Utilities function. Included in each reference is the method's parameters, return value, special remarks, and examples.

MethodDescriptionVersion Introduced
SRP_ArraySRP_Array provides some services to easily manage BASIC+ dynamic arrays.
SRP_ComProvides COM support in any version of OpenInsight.1.2.0
SRP_Copy_MemoryCopies from one memory buffer to another.
SRP_DateSRP_Date provides services to easily manage OI dates.2.1
SRP_DateTimeSRP_DateTime provides services to easily manage OI datestimes.2.1
SRP_DecodeDecodes printable-encoded data into a variable.
SRP_EncodeEncodes binary data into a printable format.
SRP_Extract_XmlExtracts elements and/or data from XML.1.2.0
SRP_FastArrayA high performance 3-dimensional dynamic array.1.4.0
SRP_Get_ClipboardGets the plain text currently on the clipboard.2.2.10
SRP_Get_FileVersionGets the file version of a given file.2.1.10
SRP_Get_FontsGets the fonts installed on the machine.2.1.10
SRP_Get_IdleTimeGets the number of milliseconds since the user last used the mouse or keyboard.1.4.1
SRP_Get_PrinterInfoGets information about a given printer.1.4.8
SRP_Get_PrintersGets the printers available to the machine.1.4.8
SRP_Get_SystemTimeGets the system date and time in the GMT time zone.2.1
SRP_Get_Utilities_VersionGets the current version of SRP Utilities.2.1.10
SRP_Get_Window_RectGet's the window's SIZE property in relation to the screen.
SRP_HashGenerates a cryptographic hash for a given string.
SRP_HashTableA high-performance, in-memory table.1.4.2
SRP_Is64BitDetermines if OpenInsight is running 32-bit or 64-bit.2.2.6
SRP_JsonCreates and parses JSON.1.5.0
SRP_JsonXCreates and parses JSON with improved API.2.2
SRP_ListA high performance 1-dimensional dynamic array.1.4.0
SRP_MathPerforms arbitrary precision math operations.1.1.0
SRP_NumDetermines if a value is a number upon which arithmetic can be done.2.1
SRP_OI_To_Win32Converts from OI numbers into Win32 binary types.1.4.1
SRP_PathProvides a host of services for working with Windows file paths.
SRP_PreCompilerAdds Enhanced BASIC+ to your programs.2.0.3
SRP_RegistryReads and modifies the Windows registry.
SRP_Run_CommandRuns an executable and redirects the output to OpenInsight.
SRP_Save_ScreenshotTakes a screenshot of an OpenInsight window and saves it to a bitmap file.1.2.0
SRP_Set_ClipboardSets the plain text currently on the clipboard.2.2.10
SRP_Set_MinMaxInfoEstablishes the resize limits of a window.
SRP_Set_SysColorChangeAutomatically updates a window when the system colors change.
SRP_Show_WindowDisplays a hidden window and adjusts the size to account for the theme.
SRP_StackLast-in, first-out data structure.2.1.10
SRP_StopwatchA simple benchmarking tool.1.5.0
SRP_StringProvides services for working with strings.1.4.5
SRP_TaskbarManipulates the Windows taskbar.1.3.0
SRP_TcpClientConnects and communicates with remote TCP/IP sockets.1.3.0
SRP_TimeSRP_Time provides services to easily manage OI times.2.1
SRP_Win32_To_OIConverts from Win32 binary types into OI numbers.1.4.1
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