SRP_DateTime provides several services to easily manipulate BASIC+ datetimes. SRP_DateTime provides the following services:

ServiceDescriptionVersion Added
AddDaysAdds days to a datetime.2.1.5
AddHoursAdds hours to a datetime.2.1.5
AddMinutesAdds minutes to a datetime.2.1.5
AddMonthsAdds months to a datetime.2.1.5
AddSecondsAdds seconds to a datetime.2.1.5
AddYearsAdds years to a datetime.2.1.5
CombineCombine's a date and a time into a datetime.
DateA datetime's date.

A datetime's day.

DayOfWeekA datetimes's day of the week.
DayOfYearA datetimes's day of the year.
DaySpanThe number of days between datetimes.2.1.5
DecodeDecodes a datetime into a dynamic array of information about that datetime.
EncodeCreates a datetime from a given year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.
FormatFormats a datetime using a given locale.
FromUTCConverts a datetime from UTC to the local time zone. 
HourA datetime's hour.
HourSpanThe number of hours between datetimes.2.1.5
IsAmDetermines if a datetime is in the AM.
IConvSupports using SRP_DateTime in an IConv.
MinuteA datetime's minute.
MinuteSpanThe number of minutes between datetimes.2.1.5
MonthA date's month.
MonthSpanThe number of months between datetimes.2.1.5
NowThe current datetime in local or UTC time zones.
OConvSupports using SRP_DateTime in an OConv.
ParseParses a string into a datetime.
SecondA time's second.
SecondSpanThe number of seconds between datetimes.2.1.5
SpanThe number of day between datetimes.2.1.5
SplitSplits a datetime into a date and time.2.1.5
TimeA datetime's time.
ToUTCConverts a datetime from the local time zone to UTC.
ValidateDetermines if the given date is a real date.
YearA datetime's year.
YearSpanThe number of years between datetimes.2.1.5
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