SRP_Time provides several services to easily manipulate BASIC+ times. SRP_Time provides the following services:

ServiceDescriptionVersion Added
AddHoursAdds hours to a time.2.1.5
AddMinutesAdds minutes to a time.2.1.5
AddSecondsAdds seconds to a time.2.1.5

The AM name for a given locale.

AmNamesThe full and abbreviated names of AM in a given locale.
DecodeDecodes a time into a dynamic array of information about that time.
EncodeCreates a time from a given hour, minute, and second.
FormatFormats a time using a given locale.
FromFractionConverts the fraction of a day into an OI time.
FromUTCConverts a time from UTC to the local time zone. 
HourA time's hour.
HourSpanThe number of hours between times.2.1.5
IsAmDetermines if a time is in the AM.


Determines if the local time is in daylight savings time.2.1.2
IConvSupports using SRP_Time in an IConv.
MinuteA time's minute.
MinuteSpanThe number of minutes between times.2.1.5
NowThe current time in local or UTC time zones.
OConvSupports using SRP_Time in an OConv.
ParseParses a string into a time.
PmNameThe PM name for a given locale.
PmNamesThe full and abbreviated names of PM in a given locale.
SecondA time's second.
SecondSpanThe number of seconds between times.2.1.5
SpanThe number of seconds between times.2.1.5
TimeZoneBiasThe time zone difference between the local time zone and UTC.
ToFractionConverts a time into the fraction of a day.
ToUTCConverts a time from the local time zone to UTC.
ValidateDetermines if the given time is a real time of day.
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