Provides services for working with strings.


Result = SRP_String(Service, String, Param1, Param2, Param3)


The meaning of the return value depends on the service.


ServiceThe action to apply to the given string. Required.
StringThe string upon which the service will operate. Required.
Param1 - Param3Service parameters. See specific service for details.


The SRP_String method provides a variety of operations that can help a developer with specific operations that are often cumbersome to accomplish in BASIC+ directly. This method is expected to increase its menu of services over time.


Much like the Utility function in OpenInsight, the SRP_String function provides multiple services which are identified in the Service parameter. The services are:

DetokenizeCodeConverts an array of BASIC+ tokens into a string of BASIC+ code that can be compiled.
GetHeightCalculates the height a word-wrapped string would need given a certain font and width limit.
GetWidthCalculates the width a string would need given a certain font.
TokenizeCodeParses a string containing BASIC+ into an array of discrete BASIC+ tokens.
TrimA more advanced trim operation for OI strings.

Click on the service names above to read more details.

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