Takes a screenshot of an OpenInsight window and saves it to a bitmap file.


SRP_Save_Screenshot(CtrlEntId, OutputFile, ClientOnly)


Title FieldDescription
CtrlEntIdThe full qualified name of the window whose screenshot is to be saved.
OutputFileThe full path and filename into which the screenshot is to be saved.
ClientOnlyA flag indicating whether or not the screenshot includes the whole window or just the client area.


The SRP_Save_Screenshot method saves the screenshot of a window to a bitmap file. This function is useful for automating the printing of screenshots in a corporate environment. In fact, the method was developed for a client whose employees frequently sent screenshots to each other via email and hard copy.


The CtrlEntId parameter identifies the window of which the screenshot is to be taken. SRP_Save_Screenshot was developed sepcifically to take screenshots of whole windows. While nothing prevents you from specifying a control, SRP_Save_Screenshot has not been stress tested for such uses.


The OutputFile parameter identifies the destination file to which the screenshot is to be saved. SRP_Save_Screenshot only saves in the BMP format regardless of the file extension specified. This parameter can be a relative or full path, and you should be sure to have write privileges to the desired destination.


The ClientOnly parameter is an optional flag indicating whether or not the non-client area of the window (the caption and edges) are included in the screenshot. Omitting this parameter or setting it to 0 includes the non-client window, and you get something like this:

Setting this parameter to 1 excludes the non-client area, and you get something like this:


As a fun example, I created a simple window with an SRP Picture Control and a button. When the button is clicked, I take screenshot of the window and place it into the picture control. The code executed when hitting the button is simple:

// The destination file 
File = "TestScreenshot.bmp" 

// Take the screenshot 
SRP_Save_Screenshot(@Window, File) 

// Load it into the SRP Picture Control 
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_PICTURE", "OLE.Image", File)

Here is a screenshot of my window after clicking the button ten times:

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