A datetime's minute.

Minute = SRP_DateTime("Minute", Datetime)


The minute component of an OI datetime.


DatetimeA datetime in OI internal format. (REQUIRED)


The "Minute" service returns the minute component of an OI datetime. The result is an integer between 0 and 59. If an OI datetime represents March 30, 1978 at 12:41:08pm, this service would return 41. If the given datetime not valid, "" is returned.


// Get the current minute
Minute = SRP_DateTime("Minute", Time())

// Get the current minute in UTC
Minute = SRP_DateTime("Minute", SRP_DateTime("Now", 1))

// Get a hard coded datetime's minute
Minute = SRP_DateTime("Minute", -9519.67241898148)

// Parse a datetime's minute
Datetime = SRP_DateTime("Parse", "Thursday, March 30, 1978 at 12:41:08pm", "DDD, MMMM D, YYYY at h:mm:sstt")
Minute = SRP_DateTime("Minute", Datetime)
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