Passes parameters to the DataSet definition script.


Syntaxbforward = DSOSETPARAM (ctrlentID, ctrlclassID, DSOID, paramID, paramvalue)


DSOSETPARAM accepts arguments for the following parameters:

CtrlentIDHas the format WindowName.ControlName, where WindowName is the identifier of the window that contains the control effected, and ControlName is the identifier of the control. Notice that a period separates the two values.
ctrlclassIDThe type of control that recognized the event. All data entry controls recognize this event.
DSOIDThe name of the DataSet, or the ordinal number of the DataSet (its position in the list of DataSets that appears in the Form Designer's Edit Selection Criteria dialog box)
paramIDSubstitutable parameter name or ordinal number (if not specified, the parameter this control is bound to is used).
paramvalueSubstitutable parameter value (if not specified, the value of DEFPROP is taken).


True or False. If false, program execution returns to the calling procedure. If true, then event processing goes to the next level.

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If a control is bound to a substitutable parameter for a DataSet, the generic LOSTFOCUS event sends the DSOSETPARAM event with an appropriate DSOID, paramID, and paramvalue.

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