Go to the specified absolute row in the DataSet or refresh the form to reflect DataSet changes.


bforward = DSOABS (ctrlentID, ctrlclassID, DSOID, rownum, RefreshForm)


DSOABS accepts arguments for the following parameters.

ctrlentIDHas the format WindowName.ControlName, where WindowName is the identifier of the window that contains the control effected, and ControlName is the identifier of the control. Notice that a period separates the two values.
ctrlclassIDThe type of control that recognizes the event. The window control type is the only valid entry.
DSOIDThe name of the DataSet, or the ordinal number of the DataSet (its position in the list of DataSets that appears in the Form Designer's Edit Selection Criteria dialog box).
RowNumSpecifies row number in DataSet.
RefreshFormIf set to true, then the form gets refreshed with data from the DataSet.


True or false. If false, the program execution returns to the calling procedure. If true, the event processing goes to the next level.

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If the RowNum value is equal to 0 and if RefreshForm is false, the message box allows SYSPROG*MSG**OIWIN_GETROWNUM the user to enter a valid row number. If the RowNum value is equal to 0 and if RefreshForm is true then the only result of this event is synchronizing the form with the DataSet. This is used when if the contents of a DataSet have been changed programmatically.

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