Occurs when form IO logic wants to report an error or warning.


bForward = SYSMSG (ctrlentID, ctrlclassID, msgCode, cancelFlag, statCode)


SYSMSG accepts arguments for the following parameters.

msgCodeMessage code could be one of the following values (see PS_EQUATES)
SAVEWARN$Data may be lost, save first warning.
DELETEWARN$Verify delete message.
VALIDERR$Data Validation error.
REQUIREERR$Required control value error.
READERR$Error reading row.
READSUBERR$Error reading subsidiary row.
LOCKERR$Error locking row.
SUBLOCKERR$Error locking subsidiary row - unused.
WRITELOCKERR$Do not have lock at write time.
NOHELPINFO$No help avail.
NOOPTIONSINFO$No option available.
NEWROWINFO$New row informational.
QBFABSPROMPT$QBF Absolute prompt message.
QBFINITOFF$Can't execute - not in init mode.
NULLKEYERR$Null key - cannot read or write.
NOLOCKERR$Row not locked - cannot save or delete.
OVERWRITE$Record exists on write-without-read.
DELETEERR$Error deleting a row.
 Note: If msgCode is none of the above values then it's treated as a literal name of the Message Box repository entity
cancelFlagThis value is assign by system SYSMSG event handler if user choose to "cancel" out of corresponding message box.
statCodeIf passed, assumed to be a code retrieved by the call to Get_Status(statCode). System SYSMSG event handler uses REVERROR.DAT file to replace the statCode with the corresponding textual message.


True or false. If false, the program execution returns to the calling procedure. If true, the event processing goes to the next level.

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