Occurs when a window closes.


bforward = CLOSE (ctrlentID, ctrlclassID, cancelflag)


CLOSE accepts arguments for the following parameters.

ctrlentIDHas the format WindowName.ControlName, where WindowName is the identifier of the window that contains the affected control, and ControlName is the identifier of the control. Notice that a period separates the two values.
ctrlclassIDThe type of control that recognizes the event. The window control type is the only valid entry.
cancelflagIf, false (0) then cancel the close process. If true (1), then continue with close.


True or false. If false, the program execution returns to the calling procedure. If true, the event processing goes to the next level.

See also

CREATE eventEnd_DialogEnd_Window()Get_Dialog_Info()Set_Dialog_Info()


The most common reason that a form will not close is the use of Return 0 instead of Return 1 in the close event.

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