OLE control properties are the primary means of interacting with OLE controls. Properties, much like OI control properties, describe the persistent attributes of the control, that is, attributes having some meaningful value for the entire life of the control. Like OI control properties, OLE control properties are manipulated using the Get_Property and Set_Property routines. The following properties apply to the SRP Subclass Control:

PropertyDescriptionVersion Introduced
AutoFillEnables or disables autofill in combo boxes.4.1.19
AutoFillListBoxLinks a subclassed edit line to a list box for autocompletion.4.1.19
ComboCreates, removes, or updates a combo box drop down.
ComboDataA control's combo box drop down data.
ComboDropDownShows or hides control's combo box drop down.
ComboRowDataA control's selected combo box drop down row data.
ComboSelPosA control's combo box drop down selection.
CurrentWindowThe current window whose subclassed controls are being manipulated.
CustomColorsCustomizes the colors of a subclassed editline.3.0.7
EditMaskEstablishes a mask for allowing only valid data.
MdiImageAn image to display in the center of the MDICLIENT control.4.1.6
MdiThemeThe theme used to render the MDICLIENT and its child windows.4.1.6
MouseWheelDisabledEnables or disables mouse wheel scrolling.
OptionButtonShows or hides an option button.
OptionEnabledEnables or disables an option button.
OptionImageThe option button's image.
OptionOnFocusIndicates whether or not the option button disappears when the control loses focus.
ProgIDThe control's ProgId/Class Name.
PromptThe control's prompt.
SpinButtonShows or hides a spin button.
SpinRangeThe numerical limits of a spin button.4.0.0
VersionThe control's version info.
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