Fired when the user right-clicks on a column header


ColumnThe column whose header was clicked
PointLocation of the mouse when clicked


The OnHeaderRightClick event is fired when the user clicks on a column header with the right mouse button. There are two parameters associated with this event:


The Column parameter contains the index to the column whose header was right-clicked.

Although the user can rearrange columns, this parameter will always be the same as when the column was first created. For example, if the user moves column 1 to column 5, this parameter will still be 1 when the user clicks on the column in its new position.


The Point parameter provides the mouse coordinates, relative to the top-left corner of the Report Table. The format is "X,Y" where X is the x coordinate and Y is the y coordinate. For example, a value could be "10,100". This parameter is useful for showing popups or context menus.


Transfer Param1 to Column 
Transfer Param2 to Point 

// show a context menu 
X = Field(Point, ',', 1) 
Y = Field(Point, ',', 2) 
Call Show_Column_Context_Menu(Column, X, Y)

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