Fired when the user double-clicks on a row


RowIndex to the row that was clicked
ButtonThe button used to click the row
ColumnIndex to the column that was clicked
PointLocation of the mouse when clicked


The OnItemDblClick event is fired when the user double-clicks on a report table row. The event provides four parameters:


The Row parameter contains the index to the row that was double-clicked. Use this parameter in conjuction with the RowData property to decide how to react to the double-click.


The Button parameter will have one of two values indicating what was used to double-click the row:

LeftThe left mouse button clicked the row
EnterThe enter key was used (occurs only when the EnterKeyClickAmt property is set to 2)


The Column parameter contains the index to the column that was double-clicked. After getting the double-clicked row's contents using RowData, use this index to examine the value of the item actually double-clicked. This value is 0 when the Button parameter is "Enter".

Although the user can rearrange columns, this parameter will always be the same as when the column was first created. For example, if the user moves column 1 to column 5, this parameter will still be 1 when the user clicks on the column in its new position.


The Point parameter provides the mouse coordinates, relative to the top-left corner of the Report Table. The format is "X,Y" where X is the x coordinate and Y is the y coordinate. For example, a value could be "10,100". This parameter is useful for showing popups or context menus. This value is "0,0" when the Button parameter is "Enter".


Transfer Param1 to Row 
Transfer Param2 to Button 
Transfer Param3 to Column 
Transfer Param4 to Point 

// get the double-clicked item's data 
RowData = Get_Property(@Window:".OLE_REPORTTABLE", "OLE.RowData[":Row:"]") 
ItemData = RowData<Column>

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