OLE control events provide a way for the OLE control to communicate back to OpenInsight. Once an event has been qualified using OI's QUALIFY_EVENT message, then the OLE control will fire the event to OpenInsight allowing you to respond to any one of the control's predefined actions. Some events allow you to stop certain actions before they occur, so be sure to read the Remarks section of each event carefully. The following events apply to the SRP ReportTable Control:

EventDescriptionVersion Introduced
OnContextMenuClickFired when a menu item on the custom context menu is clicked 
OnGotFocusFired when the control receives input focus.3.1.0
OnHeaderRightClickFired when the user right-clicks on a column header 
OnItemCheckFired when the user clicks on an item's check box, changing it's value 
OnItemClickFired when the user clicks on a row 
OnItemDblClickFired when the user double-clicks on a row 
OnItemHyperlinkFired when the user clicks on a hyperlink 
OnLostFocusFired when the control loses input focus.3.1.0
OnMouseEnterFired when mouse enters the control.3.1.0
OnMouseExitFired when the mouse leaves the control.3.1.0
OnSelChangeFired when the user changes the selection 
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