OpenInsight provides a script engine often referred to as the OECGI (OpenEngine Common Gateway Interface). This plug-in enables web server software products such as Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP Server, or Aprelium Abyss Web Server, to hand off HTTP requests to be processed by OpenInsight stored procedures.

The SRP HTTP Framework requires OECGI v4 (aka OECGI4) in order to run properly. This version ships automatically with OpenInsight 10 but OpenInsight 9 only ships with OECGI3. Fortunately, Revelation Software have made the OECGI4 available to subscribers as a Works Download. This download includes the OECGI4.EXE Quick Start Guide.pdf document that will help get the OECGI4 installed properly. If you are not a WORKS subscriber but are using the SRP HTTP Framework, please contact us at and we'll work with you to secure a copy.

Both the 103-960 OECGI3.EXE Quick Start Guide.pdf and OECGI4.EXE Quick Start Guide.pdf documents provide instructions for enabling Microsoft IIS. If you need assistance with IIS, or any other web server software, then SRP is available for consulting. Please reach us at if you would like to discuss.

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