The top-left most visible cell beyond the FreezePos.


Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.ScrollPos", Array)


Array has the following structure:

<1>Scroll ColumnIntegerThe left most visible column following the freeze column1
<2>Scroll RecordIntegerThe top most visible record following the freeze record1


The ScrollPos property represents the current scrolling position. It's the top-left-most cell that is visible beyond the FreezePos value. For example, the smallest possible value for ScrollPos with a FreezePos value of 1:FM:1 is 2:FM:2. Setting the ScrollPos property to a larger value programmatically scrolls the table.

If either field is set to a value larger than the scrolling limit, then the table is scrolled only to that limit. Likewise, if either field is set to a value less than or equal to the freeze position, then the table is scrolled to the beginning.

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