The placement of a cell's contents.


Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.CellAlignment[field; record]", Array)


Array has the following structure:

<1>Vertical AlignmentOptionVertical placement of a cell's contentsCenter
<2>Horizontal AlignmentOptionHorizontal placement of a cell's contentsLeft
<3>Image AlignmentOptionImage placement relative to a cell's textLeft


fieldIndex to an existing field
recordIndex to an existing record


The CellAlignment property aligns text and images along any edge of a cell. This multivalued property has three fields: vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, and Image Alignment. Possible values for vertical alignment are:

TopTPlaces contents along the top of the cell
CenterCPlaces contents in the vertical center of the cell
BottomBPlaces contents along the bottom of the cell

Possible values for horizontal alignment are:

LeftLPlaces contents along the left side of the cell
CenterCPlaces contents in the horizontal center of the cell
RightRPlaces contents along the right side of the cell

Possible values for image alignment are:

LeftLPlaces image to the left of the text
RightRPlaces image to the right of the text
TopTPlaces image above the text
BottomBPlaces image below the text
WatermarkWPlaces image behind the text and saturates the image so it does not obscure the text


The following example demonstrates top-left alignment with a watermarked image:

* Align the caption along the top left sides of cell (1,1) with a watermarked image 
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_EDITTABLE", "OLE.CellAlignment[1; 1]", "Top":@FM:"Left":@FM:"Watermark")

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