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Farewell to a Revelation Legend
On Friday, July 15, 2022, we were forced to bid an untimely farewell to a dear mentor, colleague, and friend. Dave Harmacek was a veteran in the Revelation Software community for 40 years. Normally I would say he has forgotten more than most developers even know, but Dave was very methodical and stored everything he […]
New Releases: SRP Utilities 2.2 and SRP Editor 3.3.3
SRP Utilities gets a new Json API that we think you’re really going to like while the SRP Editor gets a little love. The Status Quo SRP Json has gotten a lot of use over the years, but there’s one lingering issue with it. Handles. Oh, the handles. Json is hierarchical and designed around object […]
New Release: SRP Mail 3.0
SRP Mail has been rewritten for better compatibility with OI 10, and it comes with a few quality of life improvements to boot. Make sure you read below before upgrading because there are some changes that could affect the transition. Breaking Changes SRP Mail has been rewritten using .NET, but Microsoft chose to not support […]
New Release: SRP Editor 3.3
The SRP Editor adds sanity checks to declare statements, improved formatting options when copying record data, and better find & replace. Sanity Checks When you compile stored procedures in the SRP Editor, the SRP Editor will verify that stored procedures referenced within Declare and Call statements exist. If not, you’ll get a warning. This will […]
New Releases: SRP Editor 3.2 and SRP Utilities 2.1.7
The SRP Editor adds code folding and the SRP Utilities gets a couple minor improvements. SRP Editor 3.2 The SRP Editor now supports code folding. A lot of work was put into this feature to ensure accurate recognition of BASIC+ code blocks and SRP’s Extended BASIC+ blocks, such as Service…End Service. When you open your […]
Release Early, Release Often
SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. is adopting the philosophy of release early, release often for many of our products. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notified every time there’s a release. Given that we are a small community, we have the luxury of quickly providing enhancements and fixes to our customers. Sadly, we’ve not […]
New Releases: SRP Editor 3.1, SRP ActiveX Controls 4.1.6, and SRP Utilities 2.1.5
We have a few new releases to announce today. The SRP Editor does formatting magic, the SRP ActiveX Controls get a new set of clothes, and SRP Utilities gets more date and time support. SRP Editor 3.1 OI 10. The SRP Editor now supports OI 10. We put a lot of hours into ensuring it […]