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    SRP Tech Bites v2
    As a provider of two framework products for OpenInsight, we recommend our customers create a dedicated application (e.g., FRAMEWORKS) to maintain the original framework entities. Then the business (or commercial product) application should be created to inherit from this application rather than directly from the Default Inheritance (i.e., SYSPROG). This is easy enough when the […]
    Restoration Projects
    It is not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen: a system will require some data to be restored. Like any restoration project, there are numerous ways to approach this task and typically the best method will depend upon the scope of the restoration. In our world, this can range […]
    OpenInsight 10 – Productivity Features We Love
    Unless you’ve stayed in extended winter hibernation, you already know that Revelation Software officially released OpenInsight 10 three weeks ago. Furthermore, SRP embraced this release and was pleased to announce the general availability of our 64-bit controls and freeware utilities. The number of new enhancements and features in OpenInsight 10 can be overwhelming to learn. […]
    64-Bit Releases are Here
    OpenInsight 10 has been officially released, and we are pleased to share with you that both SRP Utilities and SRP ActiveX Controls are available for the new 64-bit-only OpenInsight platform.     SRP Utilities 2.0 You can now download SRP Utilities 2.0 in either 32-bit or 64-bit flavors from our product website. The download button […]
    SRP Tech Bites v1
    Welcome to volume 1 of a new blog series. SRP Tech Bites will be different from our normal tutorial oriented articles since it will provide readers with several smaller nuggets of potentially useful information. While these juicy morsels will mostly be oriented toward OpenInsight, we will expand your palette by including useful information from a […]
    SRP Utilities 2.0 Beta
    We recently announced that we were quite busy porting our products to run in the OpenInsight 10 64-bit platform. For various reasons, it made sense for us to start working on SRP Utilities rather than any of our visual (i.e., ActiveX) products. At this time we are pleased to announce the general availability of SRP […]
    Looking Ahead into 2018
    In case you missed it, 2017 has come and gone. We ended one of our busiest years on record and our workload does not appear to be slowing down. Our adventures involved several interesting projects, but the most fascinating commonality among them was the high demand for integration work. Three major enterprise clients introduced requirements […]