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Banded Report Writer Revealed – Programmatic Data Sources
Perhaps one of the most powerful yet underutilized features of the Banded Report Writer is the ability to pull data from programmatic data sources. As the name suggests, developers can define data sources using BASIC+ stored procedures as an alternative to the traditional method of pulling data from database tables. Conceptually, this should be very […]
PowerShell as an OpenInsight TCL Enhancement
The TCL (The Command Line) window is an invaluable part of OpenInsight, but at times it can feel restrictive or wanting for more features. This blog article demonstrates how Windows PowerShell can be a flexible enhancement for the command line window with a minimal learning curve while making the task of querying OpenInsight data a lot […]
Copying the Universal Driver 5 to Another Server
To install the Universal Driver 5, Revelation Software provides a temporary installation key for use during the installation process. This is different from previous versions of the Universal Driver where a static serial number was needed during installation. While the Universal Driver 5 installation key’s expiration date is sufficient for most projects (and can be extended […]
The Best Laid Schemes
Recently a client asked us if there was a way to call OpenInsight externally using a URL syntax. Initially we were confused because this client was already using the OECGI to enable HTTP access (i.e., via a URL syntax) into his application. After a few more email exchanges we came to understand that the client […]
Much ADO About Nothing
Over the past couple of years, SRP has been quite busy working with other development teams on projects requiring integration between OpenInsight and SQL database servers. In most cases, these systems already had interfaces designed around ODBC. While functional, we proposed converting these ODBC processes to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to improve performance, reliability, and […]
New Releases: SRP Zip Utility 2.0 and SRP Utilities 2.0.2
We have two new releases today. SRP Zip Utility joins the 64-bit family, and SRP Utilities gets a lot of much needed love.     SRP Zip Utility 2.0 The SRP Zip Utility can now be downloaded from our product website in either 32-bit or 64-bit. Much of it had to be rewritten from the […]
SRP Tech Bites v2
As a provider of two framework products for OpenInsight, we recommend our customers create a dedicated application (e.g., FRAMEWORKS) to maintain the original framework entities. Then the business (or commercial product) application should be created to inherit from this application rather than directly from the Default Inheritance (i.e., SYSPROG). This is easy enough when the […]