About the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)

OpenInsight provides the developer with the ability to send and receive e-mail via the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI).

MAPI is an extensive set of functions that you can use to create mail-enabled applications. The full function library is known as MAPI 1.0 or Extended MAPI. Extended MAPI allows complete control over the messaging system on the client computer, creation and management of messages, management of the client mailbox, service providers, and so forth.

The standard functions in OpenInsight do not support Extended MAPI. They support Simple MAPI.

For more information on MAPI, visit Miscrosoft's MSDN Web site and search for Simple MAPI. Simple MAPI supports sending and receiving text messages, but does not support messages in other formats, such as HTML. Also, messages can be sent and retrieved from the inbox, but not from any other mail folders.

Simple MAPI is a subset of 12 functions, which enable developers to add basic messaging functionality to their Windows-based applications. Simple MAPI includes functions to support sending and receiving messages:

  • Log onto the messaging system.

  • Compose new messages, add and resolve recipients, send messages.

  • Retrieve and read messages from the inbox.

  • Display the address book and details of a particular contact.

The table below shows the OpenInsight MAPI functions




Begins a session with the MAPI messaging system.


Ends a session with the MAPI messaging system.


Returns the ids of MAPI messages of a given type.


Reads a MAPI message given its id.


Updates or creates a MAPI message.


Sends a MAPI message.


Sends a MAPI message with attachments.


Deletes messages from MAPI message storage.


Displays a standard address list dialog box.


Details of a given address list entry

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