Method for setting the list of "super-entities" (entities used by entID) in the repository. Set manually in the Entity/Relate Used-By menu item when the repository entity is highlighted.


retval = Repository("SETSUPER" entID, param1)


The SETSUPER method has the following parameters.

entIDentID consists of four elements, which are '*' (asterisk) delimited:
  • Application name
  • Type ID
  • Class ID
  • Entity name
 Methods are executed as follows: if class specific, execute at the class level; if type specific, execute at the type level; otherwise, execute the method.
param1A field mark delimited list of entities "super" to entid.
param2A boolean indicating whether to overwrite the existing list (true) or combine with the existing list (false)


Null, regardless of whether the function succeeded.

Note: Always call the Get_Status function after calling Repository.

See also

Repository() functionGETSUPER MethodGet_Repos_Entities().


/* Change the list of "super-entities" for the CENTERWINDOW stored procedure, overwriting the existing list. */
$insert logical
Declare Function Repository, Get_Status
AppID = @APPID<1>  ;* current application
TypeID = "STPROC"  ;* OpenInsight stored procedures
ClassID = ""  ;* Not Applicable
Stored_Proc_Name = 'CENTERWINDOW'
overwrite_flag = TRUE$
entid = AppID : '*' : TypeID : '*' : ClassID : '*' : Stored_Proc_Name
result = Repository("SETSUPER", entid, Super_Entities, overwrite_flag)
/*  if successful, the list of super-entities is the stored procedure executable (STPROCEXE) and window (OIWIN) called "CENTERWINDOW". */
If Get_Status(ErrCode) then
  call msg(@window, 'Error Message returned: ' : ErrCode)
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