Method for getting a list of "super-entities" (entities used by entID).


retval = Repository("GETSUPER" entID)


The GETSUPER method has the following parameters.

entIDentID consists of four elements, which are '*' (asterisk) delimited:
  • Application name
  • Type ID
  • Class ID
  • Entity name
 Methods are executed as follows: if class specific, execute at the class level; if type specific, execute at the type level; otherwise, execute the method.


A field mark delimited list of entities used by entid.

Note: Always call the Get_Status function after calling Repository.

See also

Repository() functionSETSUPER MethodGet_Repos_Entities().


/* Return entities "super" (parent) to the CENTERWINDOW stored procedure into the variable called result */
Declare Function Get_Repos_Entities, Repository, Get_Status
AppID = @APPID<1>  ;* current application
TypeID = "STPROC"  ;* OpenInsight stored procedures
ClassID = ""  ;* Not Applicable
Stored_Proc_Name = 'CENTERWINDOW'
entid = AppID : '*' : TypeID : '*' : ClassID : '*' : Stored_Proc_Name
result = Repository("GETSUPER", entid)
/*  result now contains a field mark delimited list of entities super (parent) to the CENTERWINDOW stored procedure.
  For a stored procedure this would be the stored procedure executable (STPROCEXE), if the stored procedure has been compiled.  */
If Get_Status(ErrCode) then
  call msg(@window, 'Error Message returned: ' : ErrCode)
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