Returns information about an OLE Picture object created via the Utility LOAD_PICTURE service.

Note: This is a Windows only function.


<object>(Required) the OLE interface pointer returned from the LOAD_PICTURE service.
ReturnvalueA dynamic array of picture information extracted via it's internal IPicture interface (See the Microsoft documentation for more information on these fields).

<1> Handle

<2> HPal

<3> Type

<4> Width (HIMETRIC format - NOT pixels!)

<5> Height (HIMETRIC format - NOT pixels!)

<6> HDC

<7> KeepOriginalFormat

<8> Attributes

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// Load a OLE Picture object
bmpFile = ".\bmps\somepic.bmp"
pPicture = Utility( "LOAD_PICTURE", bmpFile )
// Do something with the picture object
picInfo = Utility( "PICTURE_PROPS", pPicture )
picType = picInfo<3> ; * // PICTYPE
// Call it's release method 
call Utility( "IUNKNOWN_RELEASE", pPicture )
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