• Fixed bug in licensing windows.


  • Redesigned to use a single method called SRP_Zip that uses a service oriented architecture.
  • Passwords are defined once when opening or creating the file instead of when adding which item.
  • OI X 64-bit compatible


  • Fixed SRP_Zip_ExtractFile bug where function would crash if attempting to extract an index that refers to a directory and not a file


  • Removed RootDirectory parameter from SRP_Zip_Open and SRP_Zip_Create
  • Added subdirectory support to SRP_Zip_GetFileList, SRP_Zip_FindFile, and SRP_Zip_AddFile
  • Added SRP_Zip_RemoveFile
  • Fixed more data truncation bugs by updating all calls to SRPZip.dll to pass variable pointers explicitly


  • Added RootDirectory parameter to SRP_Zip_Open
  • Updated SRP_Zip_Open to create the ZIP if it doesn't already exist
  • Fixed SRP_Zip_AddFile bug where Data parameter was getting truncated at first Char(0) upon return
  • Fixed SRP_Zip_AddFile bug where adding a file that already exists in the ZIP resulted in multiple copies of the file rather than replacing the one that was already there.


  • Initial Release
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