Creates an SRP List initialized to a list within the given SRP Fast Array.


Handle = SRP_List("CreateFromFastArray", FastArrayHandle, Field, Value)


A handle to a new SRP List.


FastArrayHandleAn existing SRP Fast Array. (REQUIRED)
FieldThe field whose values to use. (OPTIONAL, 0 by default)
ValueThe value whose subvalues to use. (OPTIONAL, 0 by default)


The CreateFromFastArray service creates a new SRP List from an existing SRP Fast Array. The elements from the SRP Fast Array that are used to initialize the SRP List are determined by the Field and Value parameters. If you set them both to zero, then the SRP List is initialized from the SRP Fast Array's fields. If you specify a Field position but set Value to zero, then the SRP List is initialized to that field's values. If you specify both a Field and Value position, then the SRP List is initialized to that value's subvalues.


// Create an SRP Fast Array initialized to an OI Dynamic Array
InitArray = ""
InitArray<1, 2> = "ABC":@SVM:"DEF"
InitArray<2> = "EFG"
InitArray<3, 1, 7> = "HIJ"
ArrayHandle = SRP_FastArray("Create", InitArray)

// Initialize the SRP List to the subvalues in position 3, 1
ListHandle = SRP_List("CreateFromFastArray", ArrayHandle, 3, 1)
// Release the handles when done
SRP_List("Release", ListHandle)
SRP_FastArray("Release", ArrayHandle)
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