• Added support for WorkingDir field in INI file
  • Added support for UNC paths all around
  • Fixed bug where trial licenses were not recognized
  • Fixed bug where evaluation mode would prevent OI from launching


  • Updated to single instance logic to verify that oinsight.exe is running under the current user. If not, then single instance is not enforced.
  • Updated single instance logic to check oinsight.exe's directory and compare it to the Launcher's directory. If the directories do not match, single instance is not enforced.
  • Fixed command line paramaters not passing to OnLaunchAttempt event of the Launcher OCX control.

  • Fixed command line paramaters getting parsed incorrectly when not using / and =


  • Updated to swap SRPLicense.DL_ with SRPLicense.DLL before checking the tool's licensing.


  • Added StrictSingleOIInstance property to INI file for only allowing one OINSIGHT.EXE process per machine.


  • Fixed bug where splash screen wouldn't display entire image.


  • Updated to no longer use SRPShared.dll at all.


  • Removed SRPApplicationLauncher.exe dependency on SRPShared.dll
  • Added support for HideBanner parameter
  • Added support for CustomCaption parameter
  • Added support for AdditionalParameters parameter
  • Added ability to supply any number of commands via CommandN parameters.


  • Updated Launcher to dynamically link to MFC libraries and to SRPShared.dll, greatly reducing EXE size


  • Added TransparentColor flag to INI file to support user defined transparent colors in splash screen image.


  • Added PreventExecution and PreventExecutionMessage flags to INI to support ability to prevent application launches during critical operations, such as backups.


  • Added support for blended splash screens loaded from 32-bit BMP or PNG files.


  • Initial Release
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