The style of vertical grid lines.


Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.VerticalGridStyle", OptionValue)


OptionValue can be set to one of the following valid options:

NoneNo vertical grid lines
DotSmallVertical grid lines composed of small dots
DotLargeVertical grid lines composed of large dots
DashVertical grid lines composed of dashes
SolidSolid vertical grid lines

Default: None


The VerticalGridStyle property establishes the how vertical grid lines are rendered. By default, this is set to "None", which means there are no vertical grid lines. If you want to add vertical grid lines, set this to one of the other options such as "Solid". This property only affects vertical grid lines. To change horizontal grid lines, use HorizontalGridStyle.


// Add solid vertical grid lines
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_REPORTTABLE", "OLE.VerticalGridStyle", "Solid")

// Use dashes for vertical grid lines
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_REPORTTABLE", "OLE.VerticalGridStyle", "Dash")

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