Directs the compiler to insert BASIC+ source code from another table or row into the current source code. The default location for storage of source code is the SYSPROCS table.


$INSERT[table, ] record


The $INSERT statement has the following parameters.

tableName of table that contains record, below. If not specified, the table defaults to SYSPROCS.
recordrecord is the key of the record whose source code is to be inserted into the program that is currently being compiled. You cannot enclose record in quotes.

You must provide a $INSERT statement for each row of code you are inserting.

The $INSERT statement is useful for inserting code that is common to more than one program. It is often used with Common statements to define code shared among one or more routines. The Common statements are placed in a separate record, and each subroutine that needs to share this particular code includes this record.

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