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WindowIDName of window, as registered in the repository.
ParentIDName of parent window, as a valid repository entry. If parentID has a value, then the window specified in windowID is executed as a window owned by parentID.

An owned window has the following characteristics:

  • always on top of z-order (cannot be put behind its owner);
  • is automatically destroyed, when the owner is destroyed;
  • is hidden, when owner is minimized.
createparamAny data you want to make available to the new window at CREATE event. This data cannot contain @RM (Char(255)) values.
getstructureflagPass true, to return the structure of a window, without actually executing it. You can modify the structure, before executing it. Use the CREATE message for the Utility function, to execute the structure returned by Start_Window().
InstanceReserved for future use.


End_Window()Start_MDIChild()Dialog_Box()Create_Dialog()Utility("CREATE")ORIG_STRUCT property