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The "DaySpan" service calculates the number of days between two datetimes. The result will be positive if the starting datetime comes before the ending datetime and negative if the ending date datetime comes first.

If Fractional is set to 1, which is the default, you will get a decimal number if the time of day is not the same for each datetime. If you want whole days only, set Fractional to 0.


Code Block
// Get the number of days between two datesdatetimes
From = SRP_DateTime("Parse", "Monday, December 8, 1941 at 7:51:43am", "DDD, MMMM D, YYYY at h:mm:sstt")
To = SRP_DateTime("Parse", "Thursday, March 30, 1978 at 12:41:08pm", "DDD, MMMM D, YYYY at h:mm:sstt")
Days = SRP_DateTime("DaySpan", From, To)

// Get the number of whole days
Days = SRP_DateTime("DaySpan", From, To, 0)